Q&A: Lehigh seniors reflect on experiences


As graduation approaches, Lehigh’s Class of 2015 is reflecting on its time and experiences at the university. A Brown and White reporter spoke with seniors Lydia Hunt, Stefan Cvrkalj and Victoria Drici to discuss their four years at Lehigh and squeeze the last ounces of fun and memories out of the end of the semester.

Q: What is your favorite part about Lehigh?

Hunt: Being a wrestling team manager. I loved being a part of such a rich Lehigh tradition, meeting fans who graduated 40 years ago and still attend matches, traveling all over the country with a team and being part of an amazing family of coaches and team members.

Cvrkalj: My favorite part about Lehigh is the fun, spirited attitude. It’s a demanding school academically, yet students still find the time to have a normal and fun social life.

Drici: My favorite part about Lehigh is the campus and history. Although it has unforgiving inclines, it always is beautiful in a unique way each season.

Q: What would you tell your first-year self?

Hunt: Take advantage of all the “free” events and food Lehigh has to offer. If I had to give one piece of advice to incoming freshmen, it would be to read the daily announcements, or at least “control f” to find free food and events.

Cvrkalj: I would tell my freshman self to not worry so much. Even when things seem to be going terribly, it all has a way of balancing itself out. Everything happens for a reason.

Drici: Go to office hours. All-nighters are never worth it and do not be hard on yourself for the mistakes you make academically and socially. But always remember to stay true to yourself.

Q: What was your first-year dorm/hall like?

Hunt: YOLIDO, or “you only live in Dravo once,” definitely sums up my freshman experience. Although half my hall joined Greek life and the other didn’t, we still remained friends.

Cvrkalj: I didn’t have as close of a relationship with my hallmates freshman year, other than my teammates (from the men’s basketball team). Therefore, there aren’t too many memories to draw from other than the ridiculously small rooms. It certainly forced me to become good friends with my roommate.

Drici: I lived in the Beardslee in Lower Cents freshman year. I have made many friendships that have lasted throughout college and hopefully beyond. Not to mention, it saved me from walking up many hills.

Q: What would you have done differently? What would you have done the same?

Hunt: Study with friends more. Sometimes during 4 o’clocks, I would isolate myself while studying because I was so stressed out. Taking a break to go to the gym with friends or getting a study group definitely would have relieved some of that stress.

Cvrkalj: I would’ve branched out more freshman year and made more friends outside of my team. However, I would’ve kept the same friends I have now and I would’ve worked just as hard academically and athletically.

Drici: Looking back, I wish I made a larger effort to surround myself even more with people who are different than me. If I were to do college all over again, the one aspect that I would surely do the same is my academic performance and work ethic.

Q: What was your most embarrassing experience?

Cvrkalj: My most embarrassing experience was getting locked out of my freshman dorm room in a towel 20 minutes before class. Needless to say, my gryphon was not too happy having to come back from his breakfast to let me in.

Drici: My most embarrassing experience was the fact that my first trip to The Goose was as a senior. I didn’t even know how to order my sandwich “correctly.”

Q: Was your original vision of Lehigh what you actually experienced?

Hunt: I honestly had no idea Lehigh was a “party school” when I sent in my deposit. Although parents might not approve of parties on a Tuesday, Lehigh’s social scene gave me the option to balance my social life with their academics.

Cvrkalj: My original vision was a school where everyone was super smart and the tests were hard no matter how much studying was put in. I came to learn that I was no different than the other students coming in and the tests weren’t too bad if you put the work in.

Drici: My original vision of Lehigh differs from what I actually experienced. When you picture college, you do not vividly draw the struggles and mishaps that are, in fact, normal to the experience.

Q: How did you deal with Lehigh’s academic workload?

Hunt: I never studied in high school so it took almost all of freshman year to get adjusted to the workload. I surrounded myself with friends with the same work ethic as me so we were all motivated to study.

Cvrkalj: I was forced to learn effective time management especially while playing on the men’s basketball team. I had to do my work well ahead of time to prevent the need for last minute cramming.

Drici: I found prioritization and early action to be the key to dealing with the academic workload. It’s tough, but you need to recognize down time as an opportunity to get ahead rather than relax.

Q: What is the one thing you will miss most about Lehigh?

Hunt: Living on campus and being able to walk to a friend’s house. I am going to miss being surround by the people I love and have grown so close to over the past four years.

Cvrkalj: I will miss my friends and teammates, and the excitement of playing Division I basketball.

Drici: Since I will be moving to a new city after graduation, I think the thing I will miss most about Lehigh is the community. During the four years here, you take for granted walking around and seeing familiar faces.

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