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Editorial Staff

Editor in chief
Klaudia Jazwinska, [email protected]

Managing editors
Cate Peterson, [email protected]
Casey Farmer, [email protected]
Zion Olojede, [email protected]

Editorial pages editor
Karli Wachtel, [email protected]

News editor
Jessica Hicks, [email protected]

Lifestyle editor
Danielle Bettermann, [email protected]

Sports editor
Catherine Manthorp, [email protected]

Photo editor
Kate Morrell, [email protected]

Data & graphics editor
Musa Jamshed, [email protected]

Innovation and technology director
Roshan Giyanani, [email protected]

Deputy news editor
Lauryn Ragone, [email protected]

Deputy lifestyle editor
Marissa McCloy, [email protected]

Deputy sports editor
John Lindenau, [email protected]

Deputy innovation and technology director
Dylan Gray, [email protected]

Community engagement manager
Annie Henry, [email protected]

Associate news editors
Jake Epstein, [email protected]
Kayla Sippin, [email protected]

Associate lifestyle editors
Micah Golomb-Leavitt, [email protected]
Wascar Ramirez, [email protected]

Associate sports editors
Madison Hite, [email protected]
JP Villamar, [email protected]

Associate photo editors
Samuel Henry, [email protected]
Alexis McGowan, [email protected]
Madeleine Sheifer, [email protected]

Associate data & graphics editors
Madison Hoff, [email protected]
Anna Hollander, [email protected]

Dylan Dreyfuss, [email protected]
Nicole Walker, [email protected]
Sam Silverman, [email protected]
Lindsey Taub, [email protected]
Oliver Clowes, [email protected]

Associate community engagement manager
Chloe Carroll, [email protected]

Assistant news editors
Holly Santero, [email protected]
Emma Satin, [email protected]
Emily Thampoe, [email protected]
Jordan Wolman, [email protected]

Assistant lifestyle editors
Saad Monsoor, [email protected]
Madison Peterson-Porta, [email protected]
Megan Brubaker, [email protected]
Erin Hom, [email protected]

Assistant sports editors
Kayla Arestivo, [email protected]
Andrew Hoke, [email protected]
William Newbegin, [email protected]
Madison Schmitt, [email protected]

Assistant photo editor
Patrece Savino, [email protected]
Shana Lichaw, [email protected]

Newsletter editor
Rebecca Wilkin, [email protected]

Faculty adviser
Matt Veto, [email protected]