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Editorial Staff

Publication Management

Editor in chief
Jake Epstein, [email protected]

Deputy editor in chief
Madison Hite, [email protected]

Managing editors
Jordan Wolman, [email protected]
Lucy Zhou, [email protected]

Editorial Department

Editorial pages editor
Alex Woods, [email protected]

News Department

News editor
Julia DiRubbo, [email protected]

Deputy news editor
Gabrielle Falk, [email protected]

Campus services & development editor
Lily Tympanick, [email protected]

Governance & Administration editor
Mannan Mehta, [email protected]

Metro editor
Erica Ashby, [email protected]

Regional editor
Brianna Cimaglia, [email protected]

Crime editor
Simona Shur, [email protected]

Path to Prominence editor
Andrew Isaacson, [email protected]

Lifestyle Department

Lifestyle editor
Em Thampoe, [email protected]

Deputy lifestyle editor
Ariana Dimitrakis, [email protected]

Culture, history & Greek life editor
Jessica Raytsin, [email protected]

Student & campus life editor
Chrissie Faenza, [email protected]

Arts & entertainment editor
Evelyn Siao, [email protected]

Health, science & technology editor
Lenni Elias, [email protected]

People editor
Clare Fonstein, [email protected]

Sports Department

Sports editor
Noah Jalango, [email protected]

Deputy sports editor
Eli Fraerman, [email protected]

Associate sports editors
Erica Dougherty, [email protected]
Peter Gardner, [email protected]
Kenneth Mazzaro, [email protected]
Katie McNulty, [email protected]

Visual & Specialty Departments

Photo editor
Annalise Kelloff, [email protected]

Associate photo editors
Jessica Mellon, [email protected] 
Annabelle Sharenow, [email protected]
Yufei Zou, [email protected]

Multimedia editor
Diego Lara, [email protected]

Associate multimedia editor
Jisu Choi, [email protected]

Data & graphics editor
Micah Golomb-Leavitt, [email protected]

Associate data & graphics editors
Vincent Albanese, [email protected]
Jenna Simon, [email protected]

Design editor
Nicole Walker, [email protected]

Natalie Morgan, [email protected]
Jake Weir, [email protected]

Community engagement editor
Massiel Checo, [email protected]

Associate community engagement editor
Jessica Post, [email protected]

Investigative editor
Jordan Wolman, [email protected]

Faculty adviser
Matt Veto, [email protected]