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Editorial Staff


Publication Management


Editor in chief
Gabrielle Falk, [email protected]

Managing editors

Mannan Mehta, [email protected]

Andrew Isaacson, [email protected]

Katie McNulty, [email protected]

Ariana Dimitrakis, [email protected]

Editorial Department

Editorial pages editor
Chrissie Faenza, [email protected]

Deputy editorial editor
Deirdre Kelshaw, [email protected]

News Department

News editor
Clare Fonstein, [email protected]

Deputy news editor
Aliza Lev, [email protected]

Associate news editors
Alana Bonfiglio, [email protected]

Carson Snyder, [email protected]

Sam Barney-Gibbs, [email protected]

Kate Brady, [email protected]

Mia Bruckner, [email protected]

Ethan Fisher-Perez, [email protected]

Lifestyle Department

Lifestyle editor
Lenni Elias, [email protected]

Deputy lifestyle editor
Christina Perrier, [email protected]

Associate lifestyle editors
Julia Duchossois, [email protected]

Rachel Leidich, [email protected]

Ella Morrissey, [email protected]

Kate Turkeltaub, [email protected]

Megan Quigley, [email protected]

Sports Department

Sports editor
Peter Gardner, [email protected]

Deputy sports editor
Eli Mundy, [email protected]

Associate sports editors
Julia DePillis, [email protected]

Sydney Staples, [email protected]

Caroline Bender, [email protected]

Ali Kaplan, [email protected]

Visual & Specialty Department

Photo editor
Sharon Jo, [email protected] 

Deputy photo editor
Nora Thomson, [email protected]

Associate photo editors
Annabelle Sharenow, [email protected]

Mackenzie Lynch, [email protected]

Antara Sukumar, [email protected]

Video editor
Tristan Fang, [email protected] 

Multimedia editor
Yamelin Jaquez, [email protected]

Associate multimedia editor
Lexington Poole, [email protected]

Data & graphics editors
Marissa Alverzo, [email protected]

Associate data & graphics editors
Katrina Fett, [email protected]

Papa Asibuo, [email protected]

Sydney Carlson, [email protected]

Design editor
Olivia Conte, [email protected]

Austin Essmann, [email protected]

Nicole Jimenez, [email protected]

Alex Silber, [email protected]

Community engagement editors
Lily Tympanick, [email protected]

Anna Piecuch, [email protected]

Associate community engagement editors
Maya Neumann, [email protected]

Angie Bravo, [email protected]

Audience editor
Julia D’Apolito, [email protected]

Associate audience editor
Jaye Bates, [email protected]

Investigative editor
Simona Shur, [email protected]

Deputy investigative editor
Jamie Fischer, [email protected]

Faculty adviser
Matt Veto, [email protected]