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Editorial Staff

Publication Management

Editor in chief
Sam Barney-Gibbs, [email protected]

Managing editors

Ella Holland, [email protected]

Julia Contino, [email protected]

Eddie Fuhrer, [email protected]

Frances Mack, [email protected]

Ali Kaplan, [email protected]

Editorial Department

Editorial pages editor
Layla Warshaw, [email protected]

Deputy editorial editor
Fiona Corr, [email protected]

News Department

News editor
Kirby Child, [email protected]

Deputy news editor
Liana Secondino, [email protected]

Associate news editors

Cait Hall, [email protected]

Katie Lynn Miller, [email protected]

Lifestyle Department

Lifestyle editor
Sydney Weaver, [email protected]

Deputy lifestyle editor
Stephanie Kasulka, [email protected]

Associate lifestyle editors
Nicole Hackett, [email protected]

Grace Roche, [email protected]

Sports Department

Sports editor
Sara Iuzzolino, [email protected]

Deputy sports editor
Amanda Rowan, [email protected]

Associate sports editors
Archer Benedict, [email protected]

Constantine Lambridis, [email protected]

Investigative Department

Investigative editor
Brendan Rego, [email protected] 

Visual & Specialty Departments

Photo editor
Maeve Kelly, [email protected]

Associate photo editors
Julia Cassone, [email protected]

Elouise Chen, [email protected]

Eric Mehlman, [email protected]

Video editor
Nahjiah Miller, [email protected]


Maya Goodman, [email protected]

Isabella Insingo, [email protected]

Audience editor
Jenn Lindley, [email protected]

Social media specialists

Megan Baguso, [email protected]

Kaila Cohen, [email protected]

Holly Souter, [email protected]

Podcast editor
Brendan Rego, [email protected]

Podcast hosts

Bonor Ayambem, [email protected]

Brianna Banful, [email protected]

Nina Cialone, [email protected] 

Data editor
Carl Freyer, [email protected]

Data and graphic design specialists

Ashley Kim, [email protected]

Penelope Shaw, [email protected]

Trang Tran, [email protected]

Design editor
Trinity Keh, [email protected]


Calista Dovik, [email protected]

Arava Rose, [email protected]

Community engagement editors
Rachel Gruber, [email protected]

Marlena Stein, [email protected]

Associate community engagement editors

Amadea Lehoczky-Escobar, [email protected]

Victoria Moya, [email protected] 

Faculty adviser
Matt Veto, [email protected]