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Liz Twombly

If you love food, then you’re reading the right thing. There are a lot of different options right outside the university that you should take advantage of. I encourage you to explore more restaurants. Food is not just necessary to survive, but also is crucial to help our community thrive.

If we actively support our local businesses, specifically eateries, then we fuel our economy, our community and our bellies. We can create a deeper understanding of our local restaurants, introduce our pallets to new flavors and make new relationships with people.

Eating can be an adventure with friends, and it’s a good way to get involved and experience the surrounding area. I discovered this through three Bethlehem eateries.

Let’s start with Roasted. Roasted is located at 22 W. 4th St. The restaurant serves breakfast and brunch food, and it is very popular in the Lehigh community.

When I went to Roasted with my friends, it was packed right when we walked in, so we sat at the counter. Typically, I don’t like to sit at counters. I would normally leave if that is the only option, but I heard it was worth it to stay. 

I ordered The Classic, a breakfast sandwich with any choice of meat, bread and cheese. It was a solid sandwich, but I did not like the side of home fries because there was too much seasoning. However, I was blown away by the chocolate chip pancakes. They were the best pancakes I ever had because they were so fluffy and flavorful.

But why is important that you try Roasted? It is within walking distance from campus, serves delicious food and brings all types of people together. Whether you are a student, faculty member or any other person just passing by, try Roasted. As a new, small business, your patronage would help Roasted and ultimately help the South Side.

I have also tried Vegan Treats, located on 1444 Linden St. When you first walk in, your eyes go straight to the colorful array of treats. I once thought that nothing that looks that good and is vegan really tastes that good. So, of course, I went into Vegan Treats with doubts but quickly realized I was wrong after trying their delicious sweets.

If you are looking to buy someone a birthday treat or impress someone, Vegan Treats is a great option. It is encouraging to see there are options in the community for people with different diets.

I have also explored Playa Bowls on 310 E. 3rd St. There is no doubt that the atmosphere is what makes Playa Bowls such a hit — with its colorful walls, beach decorations and ping pong table, the trendy eatery makes you wish you were soaking up the sun and getting tan.

Playa Bowls is great place in the community because it is likely that when you walk in, you will see a familiar face. You can go to relax, socialize or sit on couches and do work. It’s a friendly environment, which is perfect for college students. 

I personally think the bowls are too sweet and the acai blend is too thin and watery, however, many people love them and would recommend you give them a try.

Playa Bowls is popular and integral to South Side eating options because it provides a healthy option for members of the community. Sometimes it’s difficult, especially as a student, to maintain a balanced diet. So, if you’re done with class, had a long day or craving a refreshing and healthy meal, Playa Bowls is where you need to go.

As someone who has explored these South Side eateries, I recommend you try them and form opinions of your own.

Liz Twombly, ’21, is an assistant news editor for The Brown and White. She can be reached at [email protected]

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