Lehigh wrestling seniors Gordon Wolf, Cortlandt Schuyler, and Scott Parker have all qualified for multiple NCAA tournaments during their Lehigh careers. Wolf, Schuyler and Parker are graduating 5th year students and completed their senior year of eligibility this past season (Annie Henry, Benjamin Wang, Michelle Wolff/B&W Staff)

Q&A: Lehigh wrestling’s graduating class share their college experiences


Gordon Wolf, Cortlandt Schuyler and Scott Parker have made a lasting impact on the Lehigh wrestling team, qualifying for multiple NCAA tournaments among them, with Parker named a two time All-American. All three are graduating fifthyear students in their senior year of eligibility for Lehigh wrestling. The Brown and White sat down with them to detail their Lehigh experiences. Wolf and Schuyler both qualified for Nationals this year and Parker was sidelined for the season due to a shoulder injury.

Q: What was your senior year experience as a Lehigh wrestler?

Gordon Wolf: I interned out in southern California this last summer, and didn’t really train whatsoever. I was kind of sedentary for a good three months and then when I got back to Lehigh, I started wrestling. I took a lot of time off of mats and it took a while to get back into it. I was kind of questioning whether I would ever be as good as I was because I took such a long break off. Eventually, I started training more regularly. My feel and techniques for wrestling came back, and I battled through a lot of injuries throughout the season. But when it came down to it at the end, I just tried to focus on why I originally started with this sport, with a love of it, rather than trying to battle through. I tried to put my injuries on the sideline for just a couple weekends and just tried to go back to why I originally started wrestling.

Cortlandt Schuyler: I wish it was Nationals this year. I wish I could’ve put it together all at the end after all that I’ve been through. I went through a lot of stuff this year and it was not ideal for what you would think my fifth year would be like, especially coming off last year with making it to the round of 16. I was not expecting to not be able to run because of my foot. I didn’t even practice until December.

Scott Parker: It was definitely difficult after working so hard and trying to get it done and get on top of the podium, I didn’t get to finish my career the way that I wanted to. I had to keep my distance a little bit, it was tough being around the guys. I wish I could’ve played a bigger role. But I was just trying to support people individually the best way that you can, following along and just trying to share my knowledge a bit about the sport. But I was just not satisfied with the way I finished out my career.

 Q: What is your most memorable moment as you look back on your career?

GW: In terms of wrestling, I would say that my “blood round” this year at nationals was memorable. If I were to have won that match, I would’ve become an All-American. If I were to lose that match, you are nothing. My blood round match would probably have to be my most memorable event in terms of wrestling, but in terms of my experience as a Lehigh University wrestler, I would say just the camaraderie and relationships I’ve built with all these individuals throughout my five years here.

CS: It would have to be the Cornell (overtime) win. I didn’t even practice until December, so it was really cool to do that for the team. Usually, it starts at 125 (lbs) and goes to heavyweight but sometimes coaches can choose to draw a weight class, and then you have to start at that. It started at 157 (lbs), I felt like I wasn’t even ready. I was hoping it didn’t come down to me, that’s a lot of pressure. But of course, since I thought that, it came down to me. It was tied. I was expecting to beat him just because I knew I was better than him, but it was just a moment that was so electric.

SP: Definitely the friendships I’ve made throughout my five years here. I’ve met some pretty great people and made a ton of good friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life. I’ve had a great support system around me and obviously some highlights are winning the conference tournament twice and then being an All-American twice and winning the blood round at Nationals two years in a row is pretty cool.

Q: What are you going to miss most?

GW: I’m going to miss having the close proximity and ease of access to all the facilities that Lehigh wrestling offers for its athletes, where all of the team congregates. We all come here and lift at the Caruso Complex, come here to wrestle and come here to study. It’s just a great facility for people to build relationships.

CS: We’ve been doing school our whole lives and wrestling our whole lives and they both end at the same time. It is a tough change to handle. I’m not going to continue wrestling but I am really thankful…. Sophomore year, we all lived in Drinker with like eight or nine guys on the same floor, and it’s just like a family. We all don’t live in the same houses, but I know I’ll have those guys with me if I need anything for the rest of my life.

SP: I’m obviously going to miss competing. That’s the best part of working so hard and putting all that time and effort in. I’m going to miss being around all my best friends all the time, being able to go grab lunch with them wherever I want. Being able to call them up and doing whatever we want to do. I’m not going to be able to do that in the real world. My time here was awesome, surrounding myself with some really good guys and hoping to stay in touch. It’s obviously not going to be the same but I’ll hopefully keep those relationships.

 Q: What are your plans for after graduation?

GW: This summer I will be interning at Cantor Fitzgerald, which is investment banking in New York City, and then I’ll be coming back in September to finish my master’s in applied economics and then I’ll start full time at Cantor Fitzgerald once I graduate.

CS: I do not have a job yet, but I am looking for one.

SP: I’m moving to New York this summer. I have a job at Cantor Fitzgerald doing sales and trading. I am hoping to work hard and make a lot of strides.

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