Editorial: Finding the Lehigh in you


Reflect on a time when you questioned a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome? 

Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself and others. What do you and Lehigh have in common? 

After grueling over common application questions, the day is here. Nov. 1, the deadline for Early Decision 1 applicants. For prospects who found themselves to have lots in common with Lehigh, hitting submit may be the first step of their Lehigh experience. 

For current students, the memories of common applications and supplementary essays are a thing of the past. At the time, college acceptances and decisions were the payoff of years of hard work. Many upperclassmen may even wonder what their next big decisions will be in the near future. 

Early decision students from years past have grown to call Lehigh home. Whether Lehigh was exactly what students expected, or the opposite, the changes and expansion of the university prove to be an exciting time as we anticipate the arrival of prospective students. 

Lehigh’s supplemental essay question, “What do you and Lehigh have in common?” may have a new meaning to new students. As the university develops undergraduate programs and reconstructs buildings, we hope new Lehigh students will reflect this expanding definition of what Lehigh means to our community and the world. 

Lehigh plans to admit 1,000 more students over the next decade, but the tight-knit community will remain at the core of what makes Lehigh a valuable place to learn and grow. As the admissions committee reviews early decision applications, it is not only reviewing GPAs and extracurriculars. Instead, admissions counselors holistically evaluate each applicant. 

With ambitious goals to broaden Lehigh’s impact on the world, the soon-to-be class of 2024 should reflect the ambition and character needed to personify this vision. 

Prospective students spend hours selling their cases as they explain what they have in common with Lehigh. But with a new Lehigh underway, some of the most valuable additions to campus may not have much in common with the university. Bringing in a socially, intellectually and culturally diverse group of students is exactly what the university needs to further broaden and strengthen its impact on the world. 

Whether it is the love for a challenge, drive to help others or an unmatched curiosity, new students will be the ones to bring new buildings and programs to life. They are the future face of what Lehigh means on a local and global level. 

As the admissions committee reviews applicants, it is important to see the value in those who offer new and diverse perspectives, which can expand the university’s outlook on global issues.

Sometimes, the students with little in common with the university are the ones who will have a prominent impact on the university and the world. 

Current students will soon graduate and embark on the journey Lehigh has prepared them for. But no matter how much time passes, it is exciting to see the university take steps toward growth as an institution.

The meticulous admissions process is one of the most critical steps in ensuring the university continues to represent those of all backgrounds and add value to the world through diverse research and projects. 

To the prospective students rewriting their essays until midnight of Nov. 1, Lehigh anticipates meeting you. Whether you have everything or nothing in common with Lehigh, we hope that you will join our campus community as we enhance what it means to be a part of the Lehigh family.

As the university expands, you will become the faces of Lehigh. You might be just what the university is looking for. 

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