Editorial: Breathe. Step back. Relax. Repeat


It’s already March, and your first reaction might be to freak out. Or to be dumbfounded. Or to celebrate. If you’re in the class of 2020, you might be feeling sad and nostalgic. How is it already March? Where did the time go?

Time really does fly when you’re having fun or when you’re busy studying and looking for jobs and internships but we shouldn’t dwell on that part. 

Take a breather. Sit down for a second. Let everything sink in.

We’ve all worked hard these past few months. Whether we studied extra hard to ace that exam, snagged that internship or job, or made it to every class, we did our part. We survived another grueling period as a college student at a demanding university. And we deserve a break. We cannot be expected to continuously work and constantly produce at our optimal abilities. This is not sustainable or fair to our mental health and well-being.

So put away your notes and books, close all those tabs on your laptop and stop thinking about your classes or assignments or grades. At least just for the next week on spring break.

Go on that trip abroad, make memories with your friends and loved ones, enjoy those little moments and those big events. Take a break and refuel. Spring break is the time to give yourself a break, give studying a break and give stress and pressure a break.

We need to treat ourselves, stop once in a while and take a step back. Shockingly, not everything is about good grades, having a job right out of college and a perfect resume. Some things are bigger, even if we fail to recognize that in our chaotic, hectic routines. We tend to get too caught up in things we deem significant, like the amount of money we earn or the name of the company where we work. 

Sometimes, it can get a little too much, and understandably so. One bad grade or one rejection won’t make or break you. But it’s important to set aside some time for yourself, have fun and for once, not worry about anything besides your overall health.

Spring break can be a chance to catch up on tasks or plans that may have been pushed back, or to catch up with friends and family. Or use spring break as a time for self-reflection and isolation. Our college lives can be so consumed with interactions with others that we forget to have some “me time.” 

We don’t always have to be doing something and being busy. Just because your spring break doesn’t involve going to a beach or partying with friends doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything fun or having a good break.

What’s essential is that we do what makes us happy and what we know is good for us. All we need to aim for is health, safety, happiness and success but on our own terms. Other factors are arguably trivial. What’s considered successful or content for some may not be for others. We know ourselves, and we live for ourselves.

Take this spring break to put yourself first. Free your mind and relieve yourself of any troubles. Spend the time working on personal growth, strengthening relationships or just letting loose and having fun. Whatever you do: breathe, step back, relax and repeat.

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