Outdoor activies to try during quarantine


As the coronavirus pandemic forces us to stay home, it does not need to prevent us from going outside and enjoying ourselves as spring comes around. As long as you practice social distancing, it will help to get a breath of fresh air and some sunlight. There are still many different activities to safely partake in outside.

Go for a walk

The best way to get some air and to take in the scenery and, hopefully, the nice weather around you, is to go outside and take a walk. If you have a pet, take them with you. Listen to some music while you’re at it, too, if that’s your thing. Whether you are in a suburb, city or any other place, it is always an enjoyable time to take a walk and explore your surroundings.

Go for a hike

Similarly to going for a walk, a hike is a bit more adventurous. Do some research and find some hiking trails nearby. Throughout this time, many parks have remained open for those who wish to roam around them. Hiking is the perfect activity especially if you find an empty park, as it allows you to have a great walk and practice social distancing while you’re immersed in nature. Don’t go hiking in dangerous areas, however, because this is not a good time to end up in the hospital.

Go for a run and exercise

If you want to get a bit of a cardio workout without having to use a treadmill, you could go for a run. Find a track and run some laps for a while. Or, if there isn’t a track nearby, just go for a run around your neighborhood. It’s similar to going for a walk, but this focuses more on getting a good workout rather than strolling through your surroundings. If going for a run isn’t your thing, try and do any other workout that’s possible to complete outside, like a push-up or ab circuit.

Go for a drive

A great way to travel around your neighborhood, or maybe a completely different area from you, is to go for a drive. Go somewhere you’ve wanted to go to before but haven’t. Whether you want to see some beautiful sights or see how empty some of the streets are in usually lively areas, going for a drive is a pleasant activity. Just remember to wear gloves and use hand sanitizer if you have to get gas. Be wary though — many states have restricted nonessential travel. Use your best judgement and be sure to adhere to the recommendations of local officials.

Go for a bike ride

If you want to travel around and explore different areas around your home while getting a workout in, going for a bike ride is the perfect activity for you. Or, if biking isn’t your thing, you can go rollerblading, skateboarding or scootering. This isn’t the time to do anything extreme like mountain biking or riding a skateboard down a very steep hill, so keep safety in mind when riding.

As these are great activities to take part in during quarantine, it is important to remember what we should not be participating in. Anything that prevents you from social distancing correctly, such as group or contact sports, should be avoided at all costs. Make sure to always keep your health in mind during this time.

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