Lehigh women's soccer had their senior night on Friday Oct. 1. Seniors Megan Lundmark, Bridget Casey, Abby Furtman and Erin Keefe talk about their experiences over the past four years. (FangMing Song/B&W Staff)

Q&A with women’s soccer seniors


The Brown and White spoke with women’s soccer seniors Megan Lundmark, Bridget Casey, Abby Furtmann and Erin Keefe to reflect on their four years on the team and learn what they are looking forward to accomplishing after graduation this Spring. 

Question: What was your favorite moment on the field?

Megan Lundmark: I think my favorite moment was when we beat Lafayette a few weeks ago. We went into overtime and won in the last 23 seconds, which is the closest game I have ever played in. It was special being away at Lafayette because we won on their turf. It was a really cool experience that I will never forget.

Bridget Casey: Freshman year, we made a really big playoff run at the end of the season, and we beat Bucknell in overtime and then beat Colgate in the semifinals to make it to the finals, which was huge for us. Over that time, the team energy was just so high, and it was just an incredible time for me.

Abby Furtmann: Last year during COVID-19, we played our season in the spring instead of the fall. So, it was our first game against American University, and it was freezing cold. I remember I was wearing two Under Armour shirts. All of a sudden, Bridget Casey scored a goal, and it was just one of the most hype moments I can remember in my career.

Erin Keefe: Freshman year we made it to the Patriot League Tournament and we played Colgate in the semifinals at Boston University, and we were the sixth seed going in. We won that game and proved everyone wrong, which was definitely my favorite memory. 

The women’s soccer team at Lehigh  practicing on Tuesday October 5th. The team was preparing for an upcoming game. (FangMing Song/B&W Staff)

Q: What are you most proud of during your time on the team?

ML: I am most proud of overcoming injuries throughout my career. I tore my ACL sophomore year and then got a pretty bad concussion last year. Both of these injuries ended up keeping me out for a lot of practices and games. Overcoming that and having confidence in myself that I can perform no matter what happens would probably be my most proud accomplishment. 

BC: I would say I am most proud of my work ethic and my team-first attitude. I have been injured a couple times, and I really feel like I never gave up on myself or the team. My teammates really lifted me up during those times, so I am also really proud of the relationships I have created with my teammates and the friendships that we share.

AF: I am most proud of this year as a whole. I feel like the senior class has really come together to create a good environment for everyone on the team and foster a real sense of teamwork.

EK: I feel like my class did a great job of raising the level of the whole team. I think we stepped up in improving team culture and helping the underclassmen adjust well.

Q: How has playing at Lehigh shaped who you are as a person?

ML: The best part about being at Lehigh is that it is the perfect balance between academics, athletics and social environment. Although, freshman year it was really hard for me to find the balance between it all. Being at a school that is so challenging academically has helped me work on time management, prioritizing and a work ethic that I didn’t have in high school. Trying to juggle these things and still performing has definitely shaped me into the person I am today.

BC: I think that Lehigh had a really big role in shaping me and developing me into the person that I am. I feel like I have developed a lot of strong leadership skills along with teamwork skills. I think the biggest thing Lehigh taught me is just to work hard and show up.

AF: Playing here has shown me the value of teamwork and what you can accomplish if everyone is working towards the same goal.

EK: Playing at Lehigh has shaped me a lot. Playing a Division I sport is hard everywhere, and I went into it nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to connect well with my team, but the complete opposite ended up happening, and everyone has been so supportive.

(FangMing Song/B&W Staff)

Q: What are you looking forward to accomplishing after graduation? What do you want your next big step to be?

ML: I don’t want to graduate at all because I am the type of person that does not like any change. I am excited to have to overcome the challenge of going through a new life adjustment and find my identity outside of sports, because it has been a huge part of my life over the last 16 years.

BC: My future plan is to hopefully go into the medical field. I am applying to nursing programs and physician assistant programs after graduation this spring. Another goal that I have in mind that is more sports-related is running a half marathon. I have always wanted to run a half marathon and train for it at some point in my life, so hopefully that is something I can look forward to accomplishing as well.

AF: I accepted a job offer to work in New York City at PWC. I am really looking forward to starting there in the fall and seeing where it goes.

EK: I am going to do my master’s here next year for elementary education, so I will be coming back to Lehigh. I am not sure if I will be playing again yet, but if not, I will be a grad assistant for the team.

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