Edit Desk: Finding balance


I was on the top level of the press box at Goodman Stadium when I started contemplating what I would write my edit desk about. Goodman Campus might as well name a field after me by the time I graduate based on how much time I spend over there. 

Just four weeks into the semester, and this was already the 12th Lehigh sporting event I had worked at this year. And I’m not even an athlete.

I’ve always dreamed of being involved in sports media in some capacity. Throughout high school and my first year at Lehigh, I’ve had the chance to network with broadcasters, journalists and reporters who have all given me great advice.

I also started a YouTube channel this year to document my journey at sporting events, and in just the first two months, I grew an audience which contributes to my now roughly 75 views per video. 

That being said, there are huge tradeoffs to the awesome opportunities I’ve had. I don’t get weekends off, and I work late on Friday and Saturday nights. Given that these are the most social days on campus, I’ve found myself returning to Lehigh as a sophomore this year feeling trapped. 

Around every six months, I get bored and decide to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. I always find myself in the middle between introverted and extroverted. While I don’t always want to surround myself with loads of people and enjoy giving myself time to recharge on my own, I also like spending time with good company more often than not. 

Most days, it’s hard for me to do that.

Living with one of my best friends in Maida, one of the newest dorms at Lehigh, has been a great experience. However, with everyone confined to their own suites, the building is not the most optimal for making new friends or keeping a lot of old ones. 

Many of the friends I made during my first year of college are now involved in Greek life or are athletes. Since I’m always busy on Friday and Saturday nights and had a lot of social awkwardness at the start of freshman year, getting involved with a fraternity would have been a very tough ask. Given the fact that I shot 64-over-par in my only round of junior varsity golf, being an athlete was not for me either.

Most of my friends live in different dorm buildings spread throughout campus, which can make things difficult in terms of socializing. Walking from Upper Cents to Lower Cents is feasible, but walking from Maida to Brodhead generally is not.

This situation leaves me constantly running back and forth between Goodman, Grace Hall and Rathbone whenever I’m not in class. I’ve never felt that I had the time to build lasting friendships, which is one of the most crucial parts of college in my opinion.

When it comes to short-term solutions, I always try to use my little free time to meet and talk to more people.  

While life can be busy and overwhelming at times, I’ve learned that there is so much to be gained from making time out of my day to spend with people. 

Whenever I carve out time in my schedule to spend with friends, my day tends to be much better. 

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