Hawk Talk: Students weigh in on the election


What do you think is the biggest issue of this election?

Madison Dieu ’20

Madison Dieu, ’20

“I think that they should focus more on education and focus less on themselves and each other and start thinking more about the people.” — Madison Dieu, ’20






Keaton Witz ’20

Keaton Witz, ’20

“I don’t know. There are a lot of important issues, and I’m not sure if there’s one I think is the most important.” — Keaton Witz, ’20







Evan Baitch ’18

Evan Baitch, ’18

“I think keeping up the progress made over the past eight years, making sure we don’t go back to the policies that got us into the recession in the first place.” — Evan Baitch, ’18






Arianna Pineiro ’20

Arianna Pineiro, ’20

“I think the biggest issue that should have been discussed a little bit more is police and the way the police have rights to actually police citizens in this country. I know there was a lot of controversy with Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter, and I really think more concrete plans should have been discussed or put in place to monitor more what the police are doing and reward for good behavior and more punishments for bad behavior.” — Arianna Pineiro, ’20




Who are you voting for and why?

Bobby Voit '17

Bobby Voit, ’17

“I’m going to. I’m voting for Hillary. Personally I think she’s the better candidate to Trump. He’s not presidential quality, and of the candidates she’s kind of the only one remaining in my eyes that is fit to run the country.” — Bobby Voit, ’17






Brielle Paul ’20

Brielle Paul, ’20

“Hillary Clinton. I think she’s the candidate who will really represent everyone in America. I feel like she’s the one who is going to try to strengthen the country as a whole and really rebuild what needs to be fixed. I think our country has been doing well over the past few years, but I think there are certain things that need to be fixed politically, economically and socially, most importantly, and I think she’s the one who actually sees that and understand that there are cracks within our system, there are things that need to be fixed. While Donald Trump is kind of more of just a little too power-hungry in a sense. I feel like there are certain things he’s ignoring and certain people and minority groups he’s ignoring as well, while Hillary is willing to stand up for us.” — Brielle Paul, ’20



Elliot Behar ’19

Elliot Behar, ’19

“I don’t know yet. Totally game-time decision.” — Elliot Behar, ’19







Andrew Zdanowicz ’17

Andrew Zdanowicz, ’17

“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump is not an adequate leader for our country.” — Andrew Zdanowicz, ’17

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  1. Lehigh Engineer on

    Hillary stands for the continuation of crony capitalism & personal gain for politicians so prevalent in Washington. Obama is sheltering her from jail. No one is more self serving than she is while also demonstrating her failure to lead when she was Scy of State. Her foreign policy record is abysmal including Middle East & Russian relations failures costing American lives.

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