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  1. Henry F. Pastuck on

    Rather than a discussion of disrespecting or violating the law, the petition should be dismissed immediately.

    Instead of any effort to revoke Trump’s degree, you should go right after marty baron and let the Lehigh community know that fake news is not on the approved list.

  2. Bruce Haines '67 on

    Unbelievable that anyone at Lehigh in a responsible position would advocate for Lehigh to join cities & campuses in breaking the law of the land with regard to harboring illegal immigrants.

    Last I knew Lehigh is a non profit entity existing under US laws. Any failure to cooperate with federal authorities trying to enforce these laws should result in immediate termination of federal funding & a summons to the Board of Trustees.

    To the people advocating to remove Trump’s honorary degree–get a life because the American people disagree with your position & elected him President of the United States. If you can’t deal with this then you need to wait 4 years or move to Mexico!!

    • Steve Rittler '99 on

      “Get a life”, Bruce? That’s an awfully hospitable way to have a civilized discussion. I thought better of you. Last I checked the American people have zero say in who is given the gift of an honorary diploma from our alma mater. And that there are a number of the Lehigh family opposed to this gift given their opinions on the President-elect’s recent behavior should be sufficient for a reasonable debate.

      Or you can stomp off into a corner and disregard all of the work done to make the campus climate a better home for people of divergent opinions.

      I encourage you to start from a place of good will instead of petulance if you want to participate rationally.

  3. I don’t think encouraging Lehigh to disobey the law is a good way to go about things. I don’t want my school to lose its funding nor do I think the number of people who signed this petition represent the beliefs of this population as a whole. Our country limits the number of immigrants who can come into this country and selects the highest quality (educated, no criminal background) with preference for economic and safety reasons. On the other hand I think this country needs to reevaluate these numbers and make the process of becoming a citizen easier. Obviously, these things won’t happen anytime soon given our president-elect.

    -A Gary Johnson voter stating his unbiased opinion (oh wait his vote didn’t matter and he’s crazy).

  4. Just to clear up misinformation here: The petition doesn’t call for anyone to break the law. To assert otherwise is dishonest. It is a call for the university to support the status quo, which is not to deport DACA students. If you want to deport undocumented students, it is you that wants to violate an executive order.

  5. Bruce Haines'67 on

    Sorry Steve to disappoint you but Trump will likely be one of the most accomplished President’s in history before it is over. Advocating to remove his Lehigh honorary degree is the most bizarre proposal I have ever heard.

    Trump has generated a renewed enthusiasm about the future of our country & look at the caliber of competant cabinet appointments in comparison to the Obama professorial appointees without any leadership credentials.

    If Lehigh is so tolerant of divergent opinions then you wouldn’t be advocating to remove Trump’s honorary degree just because he doesn’t support your positions on issues-where is your tolerance?

    • Steve Rittler '99 on

      Tolerance of debate is an entirely different matter than tolerance of a situation.

      Also: don’t use an apostrophe to indicate a plural. And competent is spelled thusly.

      My critique was of your arrogant response, not the President-elect.

  6. Bruce Haines '67 on

    If your petition is consistent with an executive order than why do you need a petition in the first place because Trump is not going to deport DACA people in violation of an executive order.

    Let’s be honest about your petition in that you don’t want to comply with the executive order if or when Trump overturns this executive order. At that time your petition would be advocating to break the law of the land.

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