Editorial: Merry Le-Lafmas


Three years ago, on a cold November day, we woke up at the crack of dawn.

We threw on our warmest Lehigh gear. We pregamed, we gathered with our freshman friend groups and we loaded up the buses headed to New York City.

There, groups became mobs. We painted Yankee Stadium brown and white, roaring over the maroon and white yells from the opposing side.

We laughed and cheered with friends and strangers alike. Afterward, the streets of New York flooded with Mountain Hawks and Leopards. It was a true culmination to the end of the year — the Lehigh Valley schools’ own iconic championship game.

We didn’t win in the Bronx, but we left with many memories. As an editorial board comprised entirely of seniors, we’re entering our final Le-Laf game. And the best part? Football is only a fraction of our Lehigh season finale celebration.

The rest takes place in our own championship game, spread across bars, basements and backyards. Our game differs from the football team’s in two ways.

First: We willingly participate in a grueling, 10-day affair full of mindless debauchery, sleepless nights and raving basements as a final gathering before the new year.

And second: No matter what, our championship always ends in victory.

For 10 days a year, our entire campus celebrates Le-Laf and bonds over one common theme — an intense hatred of all things Lafayette.

No other part of the school year emphasizes “work hard, play hard” like Le-Laf. Final papers and 4 o’clocks be damned.

Think about how much goes on during these short 10 days and how much would be considered insane in any other circumstance. Le-Laf makes college adults act like kids on Christmas morning.

Where else would these holiday festivities be considered normal in any sense of the word?

Having your class interrupted by a marching band running off pure adrenaline and determination.

Making banners that blanket your house with mocking slogans like “Lafayette claps when the plane lands” and “Lafayette pays for Tinder.”

Filling a house with 25 returning alumni who need a place to stay and old friends to party with.

Starting a chant at a party with a well-timed “F— Lafayette!”

Surrounding yourself with others who deem it socially acceptable to finish 153 Natty Lights in honor of the 153rd Rivalry game.

Tailgating with alumni spanning generations who reminisce over the same kinds of memories you’re living out.

So go out there and enjoy what remains of this wonderful week we call Le-Lafmas. Go out every night, catch up with friends, wear silly costumes and get excited about all things Lehigh.

No matter how the game plays out, every student from freshmen to seniors will go home for winter break to recover in high spirits.

Let’s give this year’s championship everything we’ve got.

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