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With graduation on the horizon, seniors are beginning to wrap up their last moments as undergraduates and are about to start a new chapter in their lives. Some will stay on the East Coast, while others travel across the U.S. or to a different country. Some will stay at Lehigh for graduate school, while others pursue other opportunities.

A few seniors share their new destinations, which lay just beyond the horizon, and how Lehigh has helped prepare them for their futures.

Mary Carron, ’19, captain of Lehigh’s women’s lacrosse team and psychology major, will be staying on campus after graduation. Carron is pursuing a master’s in school counseling as well as becoming a graduate assistant for the women’s soccer team. (Courtesy of Mary Carron)

Name: Mary Carron, ’19

Major: Psychology

Carron is the captain of the women’s lacrosse team and will be staying at Lehigh to pursue a master’s in school counseling while taking on the role of the women’s soccer team’s graduate assistant.

Carron has played a crucial role in Tackling Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, TIDE, which is a group that fosters an environment of inclusion within the athletic department. TIDE works on initiatives surrounding mental health, the LGBTQ+ community and multicultural groups.

Carron acquired her new position through her connections with the graduating seniors on the soccer team and was offered the position to introduce a new perspective on the team.

“My time at Lehigh has offered a lot eye-opening experiences and new challenges,” Carron said. “And this is just going to be another challenge.”

She offered some advice on venturing out of the mundane routine and putting the metaphorical eggs of life in multiple baskets.

“Keep your options open and don’t try to pigeonhole yourself into one little field,” Carron said, “Reach out to as many people as you know to try and help you get to where you want to be.”

Kevyn McConlogue, ’19, is an international relations major at Lehigh. McConlogue will be serving as a youth development specialist for the Peace Corps in Morocco, with plans to attend law school in the future. (Courtesy of Kevyn McConlogue)

Name: Kevyn McConlogue, ’19

Major: International relations

McConlogue has plans to go to law school in the future, but in the meantime, she will be serving as a youth development specialist in Morocco for the Peace Corps.

McConlogue is a member of the Lehigh University choir, a member of Dolce Women’s choir, an admissions fellow, a research assistant and a member of Off The Record, an a capella group.

“Lehigh has made me feel like the sky is the limit and has really empowered me to feel like I can seize any opportunity out there,” McConlogue said.

She will be working in a “markaz shabab,” the Arabic word for youth center. She will be teaching English, technological skills, women’s empowerment, health awareness, environmental awareness and other topics.

In the essence of passing down wise words, she had some tips to leave behind for undergraduates.

“Don’t be afraid to do something a little off the beaten path and something that makes you a little uncomfortable, because that’s where your real growth and change will happen,” McConlogue said.

Paige Hapeman, ’19, is an international relations major. Hapemen will be working in New York City for Ernst and Young. (Courtesy of Paige Hapeman)

Name: Paige Hapeman, ’19

Major: International relations

Hapeman has secured a position at Ernst and Young consulting in its business advisory program in Hoboken, with plans of living in New York City.

Hapeman has participated in a variety of programs and organizations during her time here at Lehigh. She has been the logistics coordinator of Dancefest, a member of the executive board of the Global Union, president of the World Affairs Club, a Camp Hawk counselor, member of Break The Silence and volunteered at the Center for Gender Equity.

Hapeman has had experience with working internationally and for nonprofits with an interest in human rights. She is not sure, however, of what career path she wants to head down. She decided to take some space from her area of study.

“Through travel and leadership opportunities, Lehigh has helped me become a more well-rounded person through the opportunities it has offered,” Hapeman said.

Hapeman’s motivation to secure a post-graduation job, mixed with her ability to network with professionals, allowed her to obtain this position with plans to use it as a stepping stone for her future.

Hapeman’s advice to undergraduates stems from what she had to do in order to develop a favorable character as an applicant and secure her position.

“I cannot emphasize enough how important using your connections are,” Hapeman said. “Lehigh has an incredible alumni network that love to help Lehigh students.”

David Pochapin, ’19, is a finance and marketing major. Pochapin is currently developing an app called Gavel-it with his brother. (Courtesy of David Pochapin)

Name: David Pochapin, ’19

Majors: Finance and marketing

Pochapin will be working at Union Bank of Switzerland in New York in the lawful management department, where he will be completing a two-year rotational program, switching positions every four months. In addition, he is developing an app with his brother called Gavel-it that just won second place at the Baker Institute’s Innovate, Celebrate Awards.

Gavel-it is a social media platform designed to settle every day debates. It allows people to post questions and have the public vote on what decisions should be made.

In accordance with developing the app, Pochapin has utilized resources he has been offered at Lehigh to his advantage in furthering progress on Gavel-it. He participated in EUREKA! Pitch Night, a program run by the Baker Institute, where students with ideas can potentially make a positive impact. He also participated in Lehigh Silicon Valley, a program that allows students to interact with real businesses and real entrepreneurs.

Pochapin is also in a band, has run A Whole Step Up, an a cappella group, held a position as an admissions fellow, worked with Greek life recruitment and served on advisory boards for the College of Business and Economics.

“Lehigh is a school that allowed me to foster the idea of going for what I’m passionate about and developing a strong work ethic,” Pochapin said.

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