Reading new books, and working out at home are both ways in which students can stay busy while away from Lehigh. With the excess amount of time, starting a new hobby is another great way to pick up a new passion. (Ariana Dimitrakis/B&W Staff)

Indoor activities to try during quarantine


Social distancing and self-quarantining have contributed to an increased amount of time being spent indoors. With so much time to spare and no place to be other than where you live, here are some activities to try while staying inside.

Find a new hobby

You know that language or instrument you’ve been wanting to learn for the past few weeks, maybe even months? Now that you have more time on your hands, try learning some new skills.

Your new hobby can involve learning something, such as music, art or cooking, or it can be something else, such as working out or blogging. Whatever you decide on doing, make sure it makes you happy and is something you can make progress with over time. 

If you want some specific ideas for a new indoor hobby, look no further than the examples below.

Learn new recipes

For those who want to start practicing healthier habits, take the time to learn or create new recipes that you can use in moving toward a healthy diet. Learn how to make meals that are more vegetable-focused and desserts that are less sugar-based. For those who want to use their time indulging in new delicacies, baking might be a good start. New recipes can be found online, in cook books, in cooking shows or in YouTube videos. If you are home with your parents or grandparents, perhaps there is a family recipe they can teach you.


Although gyms are closed, there are still ways to stay in shape. Try at-home workouts that can be found online or on YouTube, or design the regimen that you know will work for you.

If you have machines at home, such as a treadmill or elliptical machine, spend more time using them. If not, it could be beneficial to buy a yoga mat or a set of weights to help you do basic exercises in your free time.

Try to create a workout routine for yourself. If you need help staying committed to it, make a schedule and set time aside, on certain days, to complete it.

Learn new art skills

At school, the most art you create probably consists of doodles in your notebook. Now you can put your imagination to a greater use. This extra time can be used to improve your art skills. This can include drawing, painting and designing. 

Art takes patience and focus, and it can serve as a good distraction from current issues occurring around the world. You don’t need to master these skills, but if you stay persistent, then you are sure to see improvement.

Pick up a book

Reading a book for fun can seem like extra work while you are at school. After looking at textbooks and assignments all day, students don’t typically want to put their brains to more work. Instead, they choose to watch television as a pastime.

Now that students are home and have more time for new activities, they can read books for leisure. Whether it’s a new read or something they didn’t finish in the past, it’s always enlightening to read a good book.

If a book isn’t your choice of reading material, try to read articles in magazines or newspapers. Especially in a time like this, with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to read the news and stay updated on changes around the world.

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  1. Thanks for the advice, ever since COVID happened and I’ve been working from home, I haven’t really done much for myself because I wanted to spend time with my family since I’m always at home. Playing with my kids is my new favorite hobby because I get to bond with them and have fun as well.

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