Do-it-yourself crafts to make at home


Crafts are a good way to relieve stress and let out creative energy while staying at home in quarantine. Here are five simple and cheap do-it-yourself crafts to try at home.

Wire Ring

This craft is a good way to repurpose broken jewelry. It allows the freedom to design jewelry in your desired colors and style.

Materials: Craft wire, hot glue, beads, small cylindrical object, pliers (optional)

Time to Make: Less than 30 minutes

Wrap a 2-3 inch piece of craft wire around a lip balm or chapstick (any small cylindrical object works). The wire should wrap around the object three times. Take the wire off the object and put it on the finger that you wish to wear the ring on. Adjust the wire until it has the desired fit, and then cut the excess wire. Allow the ends of the wire to slightly overlap, and then hot glue it in place. Use a bead, charm or stone and hot glue it over the overlapping part of the wire for an aesthetically pleasing look. An alternative way to do this craft is to string beads all the way around the wire before hot gluing the overlapping part of the wire in place. 


Wire Keychain

Materials: Craft wire, beads, key ring, pliers (optional) 

Time to Make: Less than 30 minutes

Cut a 4-5 inch (more or less depending on how large you want the keychain to be) piece of wire. Using a key ring, twist one end of the wire onto it and attach it. Then, twist the wire into any shape, such as a heart, and then string beads onto it. Finally, twist the other half of the wire onto the key ring to secure it. The wire can be shaped into many different shapes, and this craft is good to give as a gift.


Painted Wooden Letter

Materials: Acrylic paint, paper, paint brush, sponge, wooden item

Time to Make: Times vary depending on detail and how long the paint takes to dry

Painting can be a soothing activity to do, especially during quarantine. Wooden letters can be painted as a hobby or as a gift. Wooden letters can be bought at a craft store, but other wooden items, such as a coaster or picture frame, would work as well. First, paint the wood a base color and allow it to dry. Next, use a sponge to add texture. This project is fun and allows for freedom in creativity because there are no rules for painting, and it can be taken in any direction. 


Tie-Dyed Sweatshirt

Materials: Article of clothing, tie-dye kit, rubber bands, gloves

Time to Make: Less than two days

Another fun and easy project to do is tie-dyeing. After selecting the shirt, wash it. Next, wait until it is damp, but not yet dry, and lay it out flat. Pinch the middle of it and twist it, then secure it with rubber bands. It is recommended to use gloves when touching the shirt. Apply the dye to the sweatshirt in a random pattern, but keep the colors in the same general areas. When finished adding color, put it in a zip lock bag and allow it to sit for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, take it out of the bag and remove the rubber bands. Lastly, wash and dry it by itself before wearing it. This project can be a really cool way to make Lehigh merchandise, or any clothing item, unique. 



Materials: Picture frame, light colored or white paper, dry erase marker, spray paint (optional), ribbon (optional)

Time to Make: Less than 30 minutes

Making a whiteboard is a good way to stay on task and be motivated during quarantine. First, grab an old picture frame and pop the back out. Then, remove the glass and spray paint the frame any color. While waiting for the paint to dry, choose a color for the background of the white board. An option is to print out a pattern, such as a light colored polka dot background. Once the paint dries, reinsert the glass into the frame, then add the paper and the back as well. Attach a ribbon, which can be coordinated with the background, using hot glue. Lastly, grab a dry erase marker and write down a to-do list for the day on the glass. This project is really enjoyable to make and is helpful to keep track of everything that needs to get done.

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