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Sports shows to binge watch during quarantine


For the first time since the World Wars, sporting events from March Madness to the summer Olympics have been postponed or canceled. The sports industry has, as well as normal daily life, come to a halt in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Both athletes and sports fans everywhere are mourning the loss of their seasons by watching reruns of old games and championships.

Although regularly programmed sporting events have been put on pause for now, there are plenty of sports-based TV shows to watch. The Brown and White compiled a list of some of the most popular sports-related TV shows from the past and present.


Friday Night Lights

In the rural town of Dillon, Texas, Eric Taylor is the newly-hired football coach for the Dillon High School team. Taylor is tasked with helping train the team and guide them to a state championship. The show depicts the everyday lives of middle America, and stresses the positive effects of the football team on the rest of the community. The prosperity, however, is contrasted with the consequences that result from the demanding emphasis that the town places on the team’s success. The achievements made by the players and their Friday night games have a significant impact on an otherwise struggling town.

Where to Watch: NBC, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube TV 


All American

Spencer James is a high school football player and hardworking student from Compton, California. The coach of the Beverly Hills High School football team, Billy Baker, recruits Spencer to be a part of his program. Spencer splits his time between living with his mother and brother in their South Los Angeles neighborhood, and the Baker family in Beverly Hills, California — a decision he was forced to make to attend his new school. Spencer faces a number of setbacks upon his arrival in Beverly Hills, creating new social and athletic challenges that could ultimately compromise his future. 

Where to Watch: CW Network, Netflix, Vudu and YouTube 


Last Chance U

This documentary series follows the lives of young men at various junior colleges throughout the United States in their attempts to prove their worth and acquire eligibility for Division I athletics. The majority of the athletes featured throughout the show have faced hardship and have been unable to create structure within their everyday lives, contributing to an inability to establish themselves at major football programs despite their talent level. Training at the junior colleges is essentially seen as the young men’s last shot at both a successful football career and a chance at escaping their disadvantaged pasts.

Where to Watch: Netflix 


The League

This sitcom takes a different approach to athletics than other sports-based shows do. This series follows the lives of a group of friends as they conquer the previously uncharted territory of Fantasy Football. Despite not participating in the sport themselves, the tight-knit group of friends takes it upon themselves to make a game out of their fantasy league. From crazy punishments to making fantasy sports a part of their everyday lives, there is never a dry moment. 

Where to Watch: Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vudu, iTunes 


Blue Mountain State

This series brings humor to college football, highlighting triumphs and scandals of the Blue Mountain State team. From the players’ perspectives, academics are their last priority. Instead, the team focuses on not only their athletic performance, but have also made their social lives into a game. The everyday lives of the athletes include binge drinking, sex, partying, drugs and hazing, always bringing new adventure to themselves and the rest of the team.

Where to Watch: Vudu, YouTube, iTunes and Amazon Prime 


One Tree Hill

Lucas and Nathan Scott, half-brothers from Tree Hill, North Carolina are opponents both on and off the basketball court. Their rivalry through romance and academics continues to motivate their athletic competition. The tension between the brothers advances on the basketball court as the two battle for starting positions on their high school basketball team.

Where to Watch: Hulu, iTunes, YouTube, Vudu and Amazon Prime 

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