The College of Health's research and curriculum are focused on population health. The new blog, called "Convergence," began publishing this month. (Mackenzie Lynch/B&W Staff)

College of Health creates ‘Convergence’ blog to share research with everyday audiences


The College of Health has started a new blog called “Convergence” with the purpose of providing a place where emerging scientific developments in the college can be translated and presented to everyday audiences. 

The blog is intended to be a means of communicating the goals and research of the college. 

“It’s just a nice way to communicate out in our own voice from us directly,” said Interim College of Health Dean Elizabeth Dolan. “It’s another venue out there to get another word out there about things.” 

While the blog is intended to involve students in the College of Health, Dolan said its overarching goal is to expand its reach to everyone across colleges, even faculty and staff. 

Dolan said the blog is meant to be as accessible as possible to anyone interested in the research the college is doing. 

Aside from promoting involvement at the university and beyond, the goal of the blog is to encourage more students to join one of the college’s programs. 

“I think right now we’re so new and so small it needs to have more outreach and get a larger student body,” said Isabelle Glazer, ‘23. “I think the blog could be really useful in doing so.” 

Dolan said the College of Health is expanding into research at the corner of health and artificial intelligence and predicts this will include coronavirus and cancer research. 

“There’s so much growth in multiple directions is what I would say,” Dolan said. “I see the College of Health as this hub or nexus for health at Lehigh.”

The College of Health plans to have bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that stretch across colleges. It hopes to affiliate with the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business in creating new academic tracks for those interested in population health and data analytics, among other topics. 

While the blog provides a way of sharing emerging science for broad audiences to read, understand and engage with, Ross Bell, ‘23, said he believes more mediums  are necessary to convey such information.  

“I think you need a multitude of different mediums to translate that research so students can understand,” Bell said. “I don’t necessarily think it should all be via blog. I think they should utilize all mediums at their disposal.”

Both administrators and students believe the College of Health has promise and will become a positive community at Lehigh academically and socially. The blog holds the potential for being a means of promoting this. 

“We want to figure out how we can work together to figure out health outcomes and improve education,” Dolan said. “The big goal is to improve health outcomes in the population involving the global population. Our educational mission to prepare students to do that work.”

As the college continues to develop, many students are looking forward to seeing how its programs and opportunities evolve. 

“I feel like generally I’m hoping to see the departments develop more and get a handle on everything,” Glazer said. “It’s still so new, I feel like the college is not fully developed quite yet but I’m excited for it to grow and there to be stronger departments within the College of Health and broaden its scope.”

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