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Austin Vitelli, '17, is the Professional Reporting Mentor for The Brown and White.147 Articles

Eddie Fuhrer is a Sports Editor at the Brown and White who is from the Pittsburgh metro area. He has written and broadcasted sports for 5+ years. Alongside the Brown & White, he also runs a blog which covers auto racing.61 Articles

The Brown and White Staff consists of Lehigh University students who have applied for editorial positions on the student newspaper. Email the staff at [email protected].47 Articles

Brendan Rego is a junior studying Political Science and Journalism. He is originally from Dartmouth, Massachusetts. This is Brendan's fourth semester on the Brown and White, and he has found his niche working in the opinion section covering anything from local issues to national politics.23 Articles

Sam Barney-Gibbs is the Editor in Chief for The Brown and White.55 Articles

Ella Holland is the Editor in Chief for the Brown and White.34 Articles

Kirby Child is Editor-in-Chief for The Brown and White. She is a senior majoring in journalism with minors in marketing and global health. In her free time, Kirby enjoys reading, running, hiking, traveling, cooking, listening to music and spending time with her friends and family. Email her at [email protected] or follow her on Instagram @kirby.child.36 Articles

Fiona Corr is the Deputy Lifestyle Editor of The Brown and White. She is from outside of Philadelphia. She is studying journalism and is most interesting in covering people with unique stories. Email her at [email protected] and find her on instagram @fionamariecorr.12 Articles

Archer Benedict is a reporter for the Brown and Whtite12 Articles

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