In a state of wanderlust: 10 must-have items for travel


There are personal must-have items we bring with us when we travel, but there are ten must-have items everyone should have while traveling.

Danielle Campbell

Danielle Campbell

On top of the necessary clothes and various toiletries, there are a few items most people wouldn’t think of. In order to be more comfortable during your next getaway, here are some tips for what to bring for a stress-free trip.


One important item many people tend to forget in the last-minute rush before a flight is headphones. In order to get work done or keep noise out to enjoy a long flight, headphones are a must. They’re needed to watch movies, listen to your favorite music, block out the crying baby in the seat behind you and replay past recordings for you to write your next Brown and White article — this last one is probably only me, but they’ve saved my butt in the past.

2.A color copy of your passport

Bringing a copy of your passport is not an item often thought about before the beginning of a trip. You may not always need it, and hopefully you will not, but a color copy of your passport is a way to save you some time and effort in the case that the worst possible scenario could play out: You lose your passport. Do not carry it in the same place you are carrying your real passport.


Journals are, in my opinion, one of the most crucial items to bring with you when traveling. Journaling is a way to write down memories, experiences, sights and places you never want to forget. On top of that, journals can come in handy when writing down addresses you don’t want to forget, jotting down notes for your travel blog or coming up with important places to see at your destination. We often think we will remember these things but our memories can fail us.


Another way to remember the special memories formed while traveling is to bring a camera. While some people may prefer to use their smartphone, either will work. As long as people and places are documented on your travels, you’ll be set for those times you want to show off that cool somewhere you went last summer or for a laid-back night with a desire to reminisce on past trips. Don’t forget to make sure you are in some of the pictures.

5.Outlet adapters

Making sure you have the correct electronics before traveling abroad can make for a smooth-sailing night or, without them, a devastating realization. Warning: Buy plug adapters for your specific country. You don’t want to be in your hotel or hostel at 11 p.m. with a dead phone with no way of charging it.


There are a variety of currencies out throughout the world. It is recommended to exchange currencies at an ATM once you get to a destination, as it is much cheaper than exchanging at a currency exchange or your hotel. Some credit card companies also charge for card use for the currency exchange rate. With this said, it is important to have cash at all times for tips and for use at places that don’t accept credit cards.


A nice book will always keep you occupied when traveling. Whether reading to wind down at night in the hotel or on your flight to a destination, books are a fun and easy way to pass time quickly.


One of the best inventions our travel world has had would have to be the website TripAdvisor. The reviews, advice, photos, flights and hotels on the website can help you determine what places you may want to go, how you will get there, and things to do once you have arrived. On top of that, once you have left your destination, you can leave reviews on the website about the places you went or restaurants you ate at to help out other travelers. It also has a great map feature to get you to the point of interest you are searching for.

9.Power Strip

If you have ever been caught in a hotel room with only one available outlet and many things needing charging or plugging in, you will know why this is important. A power strip not only allows you to plug multiple things in at a time, but gets your electronics closer to where you want them rather than potentially across the room where the plug is.

10.Your Smile

Never underestimate your smile when traveling. Always take it with you. A smile shows you are friendly and this can prove to be beneficial when needing directions, help interpreting a menu or asking for an upgrade at a hotel.

Danielle Campbell, ’18, is an assistant visuals editor for The Brown and White. She can be reached at [email protected]

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