Lehigh's chapter of Sigma Chi was dissolved by the University Committee on Discipline effective Nov. 14 through May 31, 2020. On Oct. 13, the fraternity hosted a party in which two students were hospitalized for alcohol-related emergencies and another student was cited for underage drinking.

Sigma Chi fraternity placed on disciplinary probation after off-campus incident


Sigma Chi fraternity has been placed on disciplinary probation, according to a post on the Lehigh Greeks blog. The conduct status and the charge — respect for community — resulted from an off-campus incident.

The Lehigh University Police and the Bethlehem Police responded to a noise complaint at an off-campus party, where an underage member of the fraternity was found to be “highly intoxicated” and was transported to St. Luke’s hospital, according to the blog. The chapter took responsibility for the charge, respect for community — irresponsible distribution of alcohol.

The chapter is placed on disciplinary probation from May 9, 2016, to Dec. 31, 2016. The fraternity must have a 75 percent participation rate at a bystander intervention training session and send members to TIPS training by Oct. 31, 2016.

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  1. Amy Charles '89 on

    Translation: hazing, nearly killing some stupid kid with alcohol.

    Here’s the thing: you’ve got the awww sad-puppy So Bethlum affordable-housing story in here, and look here: the problem. Rich stupid loud drunk kids having an off-campus party and contributing to the neighborhood’s uninhabitability as anything but a playground for rich stupid loud drunk kids. But there aren’t any names, even though someone hosted a party in which some idiot was encouraged to drink himself into the hospital in the name of brotherhood. You’re protecting those young people, though, B&W editor. No accountability. I presume they’re not minors, that they’re all over 18. Who on earth might they be?

    Or maybe the sad-puppy story is just for the sake of feeling, you know, a bit social-justicey, a bit virtuous. A clip for the grad j-school portfolio. (That photo, tho.) Mm?

    • Amy, you’re making judgements with literally no knowledge beyond a cursory article about 150 words long. To make a statement calling this “hazing,nearly killing some stupid kid” is absolutely ridiculous when you take into account you have no base of knowledge of what occurred that night. The university is anything but lenient with drinking; the armed police per student ratio is two times as high as the U of Cincinnatti–which is an urban campus in a dangerous city. The LUPD publish the names of kids who get arrested and cited on the internet–thus defaming their names if employers or the like search their name on google. Lehigh annually ranks in the top arrests per capita for alcohol offenses. The LUPD hunts down freshmen, goes into dorms, even if the kid is in his room and they still arrest them. The OFSA is eager to kick off fraternities. It sounds like you have not been around the university for a long time or you would’ve noticed this shift.

      I’ve noticed you are a frequent commenter–I think everyone would benefit from you either toning down your rhetoric or simply refraining from commenting.

    • No, I am an alumni; but, I’m sure the truth of the situation would not blindly support the whole “fraternities are awful and ruining the lives of everyone” narrative which you are constantly going off about on many of the brown and white’s articles. Not to mention your absurd comment about your plan to rebuild S. Bethlehem. Literally the only reason Bethlehem is still relevant at all economically is because Lehigh University supports the whole town and you complain about how Lehigh is hurting the locals. Without Lehigh, they would have absolutely no jobs and no potential for a better future. At least with jobs such as custodial, food service, etc., they have opportunities to make a living–and if they instill a good work ethic with their children, the local public schools are sufficient enough to help them get into college, most likely with a good amount of need based aid. My late father was born into an awful neighborhood, his parents were post WWII immigrants who spoke no english, took entry level labour jobs. With a strong family and a great work ethic he was able to go to college and make a great life for himself. I’ve had enough of the tears for those who are born into a bad situation and get so much leeway. Blame the smart, wealthy Lehigh kids, blame the politicians, blame society. Blaming is all people like you want to do. Give me a break, it’s mean,out-of-touch social justice warriors such as yourself that give us liberals a bad name. Have some common sense and think before you make blind and arrogant comments.

  2. Susan L. Cozzie Magaziner on

    Hi There Amy and Kyle, This story runs deeper than you know. Both of you are off base. There are toxic chapters in Greek life and there are toxic members in healthy Greek chapters. This is a case of neither. The Sigma Chi Alpha Rho Chapter is THE oldest fraternity on the Lehigh hill. It is also one of the oldest of the Sigma Chi frat chapters in the country since the founding of Sigma Chi in Oxford, Ohio at Miami University. As Greek life is blamed for every social ill at Lehigh so that the administration can avoid introspection and self correction to the insular environment, it’s a trend to blame our Greeks. In the eyes of the federal government who continues to monitor Lehigh, the expulsion and disbandment of the Sigs would bode well. I think this is called posturing, something Lehigh is quite practiced at doing. Not to mention that the University charged the entire Sigma Chi chapter in 2015 with allegations of no merit, blaming innocent young men for the actions of one, former and ousted brother who was found guilty of egging the U House. As Smeaton and Basso covered up the crime, one will notice that both have submitted resignations. Things are not what they appear. Think out of the box. It has been confirmed that there was no noise complaint, and no city police were called to the scene. Once a target, always a target. On any given day our Lehigh PD, self accredited and empowered can find any underage intoxicated frat broskie. In fact, students report being dragged sleeping from dorm beds and breathyzed. Do you really believe there was a “noise complaint” . Some call it a witch hunt, this rather, a Sig hunt. Blaming the Greeks won’t due for much longer, Lehigh. Until the entire insular administration resigns, our Alma Mater remains quite under the weather.
    Lehigh students Rock. Lehigh Greeks, Stay Strong! You are our history, our leaders and our future.

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