Letter to the Editor: Revoking Donald Trump’s honorary degree


Congratulations to the Lehigh Faculty for their overwhelming vote to revoke Donald Trump’s honorary degree. One would hope the Board of Trustees will follow their lead and do likewise.

Does the Board think that Donald Trump has the ethics and values that we in the Lehigh Family should admire, look up to and emulate? If they do, we are in deep trouble.

Most of us have been brought up through our family and school system, including our Lehigh education, to believe that our success is not measured by how much wealth we accumulate, but by the strength of our ethics, morals and character.

Seeing all this in the media is embarrassing to the University and its family. My friends are asking me, “Why would your University give an honorary degree to someone like Trump?”

Frankly, I have no logical answer.

Let’s face it, the degree was a mistake, but the Board now has the opportunity, as they did with Bill Cosby, to do the right thing, and revoke it.

It may even be helpful to the University if people realize that Lehigh University, led by its Board and faculty, has the ethics, morals and character to which we all aspire.

R. Peter Knerr ’58

Kailua, Hawaii

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  1. Peter- Congratulations to the University for making national news in front of a $1 Billion capital campaign. Nice job alienating probably 50% of the alumni. Who would give a nickel to Liberal-wannabe Lehigh after that ridiculous stunt by the faculty? Truly an embarrassment of virtue- signaling. I am sure you are proud of Mazie Hirono in Hawaii. (the queen of identity politics)

  2. “My friends are asking me, “Why would your University give an honorary degree to someone like Trump?”

    Frankly, I have no logical answer.”


    It sounds like you need to get some new friends. . .

  3. Hay Snowflake wake up and smell the roses, America is Great Again and the Donald made it so. Do you want a real job when and if you graduate or are you one of the 47% content to be on the dole?

    • current student on

      The B&W seems to have trouble finding new ways to criticize the right so they have started to bring back old news. Instead of reporting on the good times, they try to make us think we are living in an apocalypse.

  4. Beating a dead horse like this is a surefire way to get Trump reelected. Keep it up, Mr. Knerr; you’re only hurting your own cause. Outside of liberal university echo chambers, the vast majority of people view this as nothing more than a temper tantrum.

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