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The Brown and White Playlist: 4/16


The following recommendations come from Laney Delaney, a lifestyle section reporter. These are not reflective of the publication as a whole.

For people who get the vast majority of their weekly cardio from dancing, the past few weeks may have been tough. Without motivation from outside sources such as the DJ at Tally Ho to keep moving, other sources of inspiration need to be found. To fill the empty space in our hearts where the dance floor once lay, and to get our heart rates somewhere past resting, listen to the following playlist of danceable tunes  to let loose in the familiar comfort of your dark, lonely bedroom.


Title: “Let’s Go Crazy”

Artist: Prince

Album: “Purple Rain”

Released: July 18, 1984

Prince has so many dark, danceable tracks, and just as many where he overtly references the coming apocalypse. ‘Is the apocalypse upon us?’ It’s a question to ponder while listening to this song’s introductory sermon segue into a classic ‘80s dance beat.


Title: “The One That Got Away”

Artist: Katy Perry

Album: “Teenage Dream”

Released: Aug. 24, 2010

When this song was released in 2010, it was a hit for some, but an overrated pop song to others. Listening to it in 2020, it is enthralling to the ear because of its booming drums and catchy hook. Even if there is no “one that got away,” this song can serve as a reminder of what it was like being in public.


Title: “Miss You”

Artist: Foster the People

Album: “Torches”

Released: May 23, 2011

As the title here would suggest, this song is about missing someone you love. That, coupled with its fraught synths and booming drums creating a spacey, high-tech sound that simultaneously inspires your feet to motion and your mind to feelings of melancholy. Mark Foster’s lyrics are riddled with metaphor and desperation, ensuring that this song can provide all the fun of frantically texting your ex from the comfort and safety of your own living room instead of from the club.


Title: “Oblivion”

Artist: Grimes

Album: “Visions”

Released: Jan. 31, 2012

You might recognise this song from TikTok, where it’s had a bit of a renaissance lately. Grimes’ persona is constructed around being an alien pop star, and that shines through in her processed, high-energy experimental pop sound. The lyrics might be hard to understand on first listen, but the song is an empowering one about being undaunted by physical threats and abuse. Right now, it’s a motivating force to retain control in uncertain times.


Title: “I Think We’re Alone Now”

Artist: Tiffany

Album: “Tiffany”

Released: Sept. 15, 1987

This song is a campy, pop cover of a song by Tommy James and the Shondells about finally getting a moment alone with a person that the world is trying to keep you away from. It’s upbeat, positive and perfect for a night spent dancing around your room, channeling your inner 16-year-old girl. It was also in the trailer for the 2018 slasher film “The Strangers 2,” but try not to think about that while you’re dancing.


Title: “Superheroes”

Artist: Daft Punk

Album: “Discovery”

Released: Feb. 26, 2001

“Superheroes” is pure energy from start to finish, and the same can be said of much of “Discovery.” Listening to this song will give you the fire and fight to take down any supervillain in the vicinity. I can’t recommend this song or the album it came from enough, let alone “Interstella 5555,” the anime musical movie about kidnapped alien musicians that was inspired by the album. The whole movie is on YouTube, so the next time you have an hour on your hands, consider  watching it. It’s a great introduction to “Discovery.”


Title: “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” (Chromeo Remix)

Artist: Vampire Weekend

Album: “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”

Released: Nov. 18, 2008

This song is a remix of a Vampire Weekend song from their debut self-titled album, and was bundled as part of the original version’s single release. Fans of disco drum beats are drawn to this song, plus its floaty, escapism-but-make-it-outer-space vibe. It’s a song that could be playing at a dance party on the International Space Station. 


Title: “Pick Up”

Artist: DJ Koze

Album: “Knock Knock”

Released: May 4, 2018

“Pick Up” is an effortlessly cool dance track and one of my favorite songs of 2018. If the only move you can hit is the two-step, have no fear — that’s all this song requires. Allow your body to be a passive observer in this song’s journey and get swept up in its groove.


Title: “Blood Under My Belt”

Artist: The Drums

Album: “Abysmal Thoughts”

Released: June 16, 2017

Abysmal Thoughts” was The Drum’s first release as a solo endeavour by frontman Jonny Pierce after Jacob Graham left the band. Pierce’s high vocal register and infatuation with reverb imbues his work with a certain dreaminess that when combined with ‘80s new wave influences created the fast paced indie pop that The Drums are known for.


Title: “Blinding Lights”

Artist: The Weeknd

Album: “After Hours”

Released: March 20, 2020

This song is so popular right now that putting it on this list felt like cheating, because it’s just that good. If there’s anything to be taken away from this list, it’s that two amazing genres are ‘80s music and music that has ‘80s influences, and this energetic synth track fits neatly into the latter category. If there’s any song meant for dancing alone in your room these next few weeks, it’s “Blinding Lights.”

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