Kappa Delta and Chi Phi have houses on the Hill on Lehigh’s campus. Jeremiah Geneve, ’25, founded the Greek for Business Club, which will serve as a peer-based, career mentoring opportunity for students involved in Greek life. (Maeve Kelly/B&W Staff)

Greek for Business, great for business


Over the summer, Jeremiah Geneve, ’25, a business management student and formerly a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, was mentoring his friends in Greek life on their future career paths. He realized business students need more career-focused guidance. 

For many business students, receiving an internship during the summer of their junior year is crucial to their future career paths. 

However, a number of business students, like Jeremy Kornfeld, ’25, are increasingly finding internships as early as their sophomore year. 

Geneve said the importance of searching for career opportunities early on was not properly stressed to him during his first few years at Lehigh. Wanting to help advise other students, he founded the Greek for Business club this semester.  

This career-focused club, Geneve said, facilitates an environment for business students involved in Greek life to support and guide each other.

Unlike other business clubs on campus, Geneve said Greek for Business aims to focus on networking across the Greek chapters and their alumni so students can think about their careers ahead of time.

To do so, he said the club will have a representative from each Greek organization, including the Cultural Greek Council, that works to connect people with each other. This will be done through various group chats.

“(Representatives will) inform and connect people in their organizations with people that have similar career paths and are looking toward interviewing or interning at the same places,” Geneve said.

Eventually, he said, the club hopes to have different group chats for the various career paths students are interested in.

Although he is not a part of Greek life himself, Geneve said he is well-connected within the Greek community, which is why he was easily able to get people on board during the formation of the club. His connections allowed him to outreach and choose representatives. 

 Although the club is catered toward members of Greek life, Geneve said it is open to all students on campus. A representative will be appointed for club members who are not affiliated with Greek life, as well. 

Filip Balenko, ‘25, vice president of Greek for Business, said although most of the resources for business students are run through Lehigh, some students feel more comfortable working with their peers.

“The knowledge that the students can pass on is a hands-on experience,” Balenko said.

Students involved in Greek life interact with each other on a regular basis, which Geneve said makes it easier to connect with individuals who have similar career goals.

Geneve said the Greek for Business club currently has a representative for every Greek organization on campus except for Sigma Phi Delta and Kappa Alpha Theta.

The club is still in the process of building their foundation, but Kornfeld, a Delta Chi representative, said representatives have already begun discussing plans for the school year. 

Kornfield said his first plan is to connect his members with alumni who have established themselves in their respective companies so students can network with them. 

“That’s something that the school can’t really teach you,” Kornfeld said. “That’s something that your friends and people around you teach you.” 

As the weeks follow, the members will schedule different times to meet. 

“I feel like we’re doing well, and I think we’re going to launch with something very good and organized,” Balenko said.

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