The Lehigh football team during its game against Colgate at Goodman Stadium on Nov. 15. (Andrew Garrison/B&W photo)

Football player superlatives


Just before the Mountain Hawks’ football team heads to New York City to prepare for its much-anticipated rivalry game against Lafayette College, the players were asked a series of questions about members of the team. They were given certain categories and were asked to name the player on the team who best fit that category. The votes were counted, and the player with the most votes in the respective categories were recognized. Here are the results and some insight on the results from senior tight end Tyler Coyle and junior wide receiver Stefan Sansone.

Most intelligent: Junior tight end Chris Ruhl

Tyler Coyle: It only makes sense that Cruhlbot won “most intelligent.” He’s a robot.

Most likely to excel in another sport: Senior tight end Dylan Colgate

Stefan Sansone: Dylan Colgate can shoot lights out in the basketball gym, and he’s not afraid to tell anyone.

Most likely to become a billionaire: Stefan Sansone

TC: Sansone will most likely take over the family business and become the next Bill Gates.

Best comedian: Junior defensive back Olivier Rigaud

SS: Olivier is, by far, the funniest. The entire team feeds off of his humor.

Most ripped: Senior running back Rich Sodeke

TC: I feel like to win this award, you have to have your shirt off at all times. Nice, Rich.

Best hair: Tyler Coyle

SS: Tyler Coyle has mastered the hair look, and I’m working to get mine like his.

Most quiet: Freshman defensive lineman Justin Gille

TC: Justin doesn’t say much, and I truly respect that.

Most likely to win a fantasy league: Senior quarterback AJ Visconti

TC: AJ is the guy who will sit online for days just searching fantasy combinations to try and beat his opponent. Such a weirdo.

Most intense: Sophomore linebacker Pierce Ripanti

SS: Pierce is extremely intense, especially on game days. You can see it in his eyes.

Best at video games: Sophomore offensive lineman Zach Duffy

TC: Duffy may be the biggest guy on the Earth, but he’s also a huge video game nerd.

Best musician: Junior wide receiver Derek Knott

SS: Derek Knott is very talented in the music industry, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were making money through his music.

Biggest eater: Senior offensive lineman Ned Daryoush

TC: The amount of food Ned can put in his stomach could feed a family of four.

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