According to Lehigh's greek blog, Delta Chi is being investigated for possible violations of the code of conduct, the Lehigh Social Policy and other applicable policies. Delta Chi has been placed on temporary suspension pending the investigation. (Vincent Liu/B&W Staff)

UPDATE: Delta Chi fraternity placed on disciplinary deferred dissolution


Update: As of March 3, Delta Chi fraternity has been placed on disciplinary deferred dissolution through Aug. 1, 2017, according to the Lehigh Greeks blog.

DChi is placed on disciplinary probation effective Aug. 2, 2017, through May 15, 2018. According to the blog, the fraternity will also be alcohol free from March 3 through July 31.

The University Committee on Discipline imposed these sanctions because it believes the chapter has taken responsibility for its actions, yet still needs to address issues regarding current and future membership. The panel considered dissolving the chapter, but a “lack of any past disciplinary record, clear desire for improvement and cooperation regarding the investigation” led it to impose the current sanctions.

Update: As of Feb. 27, the suspension of Delta Chi fraternity has been lifted. They still are under restrictions pending the outcome of disciplinary hearings. The restrictions include a prohibition of alcohol inside the chapter house and hosting events (on or off campus) with alcohol.

On Feb. 22, the fraternity was charged with violating the code of conduct. According to the Lehigh Greeks blog, the allegations included the unauthorized consumption, distribution or possession of alcohol, irresponsible distribution of alcohol, having an unregistered party, encouraging others and failure to comply.

During the incident Feb. 2, alcohol was provided to at least two students under the age of 21. The failure to comply allegation directly relates to the members’ failure to seek medical assistance “as directed in the medical amnesty policy as it relates to student organizations.”

Delta Chi fraternity has been placed on temporary suspension effective Feb. 3, according to the Lehigh Greeks blog.

The suspension prohibits DChi from conducting any activities, scheduled or otherwise, that could be seen as a DChi event.

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs is conducting an investigation into “possible violations of the Code of Conduct, the Lehigh University Social Policy and other applicable policies that occurred in the chapter house during an unregistered social event.” The interim suspension will stay in place until lifted by the dean of students.

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  1. Susan Magaziner on

    With Federal Officials still monitoring Lehigh, and Lehigh under Federal Jurisdictional Authority for Over Three Years, Many in the Lehigh Community have reported false charges and sanctions show Lehigh’s General Counsel Can Posture as “Compliant”. Is Delta Chi the latest victim of Groundswell?

    Hello Brothers and Sisters of Delta Chi,

    My name is Susan Magaziner, I am an Alumna and also have had a civil rights case opened at Lehigh for 3 years. The school is being monitored presently by the United States Department of Education. If something is happening to you that should’t be, the federal office needs to know. I am the complainant and I can let them know.

    In 2014 I got the entire Sigma Chi fraternity off the hook after Lehigh tried to frame every single member for the actions of one former ousted brother who egged UMOJA. This student alone, instead of the entire frat was expelled. But Lehigh wanted to look like it took 7 months to solve this crime, so they charged Sigma Chi with 10 counts of charges, each and every member. Lehigh is quite deceptive in practices of discipline practice and sanctions. The policy for students is in violation of rights and I am presently working with civil rights on this now. The turnover rate for offices of Dean of Students and Fraternity and Sororities has been high due to what has been caught by federal investigators.

    I know nothing about your situation. If you feel it is warranted and you have agreed to the charges and sanctions, then this is fine. If you feel that you are being set up, framed or the entire fraternity is being blamed when this is not true, I am here to help you if you wish. I have had a great deal of involvement with student population at Lehigh that Lehigh knows nothing of. At times, the charges are unjustified, and at times they are and the Frat agrees to comply with charges and sanctions.

    In two cases, with two separate Fraternities this has not been the case and I am able to stop whatever is being done to you if you feel it is wrong and unjust. The Dean of Students Office is corrupt and they work in concert with the police . This has all been reported to the US Department of Education. Deans make up incidents, they assign these incidents false and fabricated charges to old former incident numbers and they don’t thing anyone is watching. Everyone is watching. Sometimes Lehigh postures “incidents” because federal attorneys expect enforcement of policies and sanctions. At times however, these “incidents” are either false, invented, escalated to suspension when not warranted and other extreme measures against individuals and fraternities so that Lehigh can look good. We didn’t expect the civil rights case to make this situation worse than it had been In other words, some people have been collateral damage. That is wrong. And that is why I reach out. We are here and we have your back if you need us.

    Lehigh is a corrupt “Organization” and Lehigh discriminates. Lehigh is under federal monitoring and what is happening to you right now could be making you a victim of the groundswell. I would have no way of knowing this. At times the President of the Frat has spoken with me, I then take it to National. Within days your suspension is dropped.

    If you are guilty boys, you must comply with your sanction as well as the Student Conduct Code and University Policy. You must adhere to these rules because each time there is a violation, we are risking Greek life on the Hill, a tradition of Lehigh. Greeks are Lehigh and Everyone is Greek. We are a school united in one, and with values and principles of diversity and equity.

    I am the mother of three sons, Boston College, Columbia University and UK Cambridge University. My son is a Sig and we have the backs of our Greeks.

    I have sent this to the senior brothers only, but feel free to forward. Please forward to your consul of the Chapter and executive board.

    I know from my experience there is a backstory. I am here if you need me and I will contact National as I have for other frats in the past. We can make this all go away if you are falsely charged. Lehigh falsely charges many, everyday. Let me know if you wish assistance.

    In Solidarity,

  2. Susan Magaziner on

    I have received reports of serious LUPD abuse and harassment of Brothers of Delta Chi.

    Anyone who has been abused by LUPD, read Miranda Rights and threatened to sign forfeiture of rights by signature while under police threats please contact President Simon at [email protected] and Investigator Ninemire, [email protected]

    I have contacted President Simon, the Board of Trustees President and all U. S. Department of Education Officials. I have reported police abuse of students and hostile environment. I have asked for both formal internal investigations and federal as per the civil rights case monitoring of the University. Any reports of harassment or hostile environment can be made to Attorney Willoughby at civil rights: [email protected]

    Stay safe Students. I stay with you. I wish you Peace.

    • Linda Catalogski on

      Susan also makes artisanal tinfoil hats, by hand in her workshop. She will provide them for free to anyone who feels threatened by Lehigh University’s secret brainwave monitoring initiative.

      Students, is Lehigh monitoring your brain waves against your will? Contact Susan immediately with your hat size (english or metric – she has a conversion table, so she can accommodate either). She will deliver your hat to you at a secure location once she contacts you with a special code word. We must stop Lehigh administration’s illegal brain wave monitoring. We must resist.

      This message will self destruct.

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