Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity charged with hazing


Update: As of March 1, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity has been charged with hazing for an incident Feb. 15. The temporary suspension is still in place.

Sig Ep has been placed on temporary suspension pending an investigation into alleged hazing that threatened the health and safety of students, according to the Lehigh Greeks blog.

The chapter is prohibited from conducting all new member education activities and any social activities until the suspension is lifted.

Current members are not allowed to contact members of the Spring 2017 new member class, and new members are prohibited from contacting members of the chapter. Failure to adhere to this instruction will result in disciplinary action against individual students, according to the blog.

The Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations will begin an investigation into this incident in the immediate future and the suspension will remain in place until lifted by the dean of students.

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  1. Susan Magaziner on

    “Threats to the health and safety of students” may provide the need for interrogation of students as part of the investigation. Lehigh has forwarded that new guidelines may allow the sanctions to include criminal charges against individual fraternity members, probably the President and leadership. The President of Delta Chi was criminally charged after a two hour police interrogation during which he reported to me and federal authorities that he was harassed and intimidated by police into waiving his Miranda rights. Students of Delta Chi were forced to transport beer to the police evidence room, and then lured into the interrogation room, unrepresented. There Miranda was read, but they were told they were not being arrested. Threats of sanctions of “being uncooperative in a police investigation” were used to force the waiver of Miranda, at which time students self-incriminated. Police were seeking information as to who at Delta Chi bought beer that was found in the House. The police harassed the President of Delta Chi in five successive cell phone calls and threatened him that he would be charged if he didn’t come up with names. Two members of Delta Chi face criminal charges regarding “threat to the health and safety of students”.
    Members of Sig Ep, tell your parents what is happening. Leadership should prepare for questioning and possible criminal charges at which time you will need an attorney. Do not under any circumstance waive Miranda. If LUPD reads you Miranda, you are under arrest. The LUPD tells students “you are not under arrest” and “you are not being detained”, when you ask if you are free to go then as you are not being detained, the answer is, “you are not being detained, but you can’t go”. If any of you in this chapter find yourself in this position, you are not alone. I have been reporting this pattern and practice for many years to federal officials and to President Simon and Board President Scheler. Lehigh grants the LUPD the authority to act in this manner. The administration supports, condones and continues direct orders to the LUPD to harass students. This harassment creates a hostile educational environment which is against the law. If you are a member of Sig Ep, prepare and seek legal counsel. Lehigh is on a mission due to federal pressure.Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] RE: Lehigh Federal Case Docket No. 03142021

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