Letter to the editor: Removing Trump’s honorary degree


Without a doubt, I believe Trump’s honorary degree should have already been removed.

He is an embarrassment to the United States, and even an honorary degree from Lehigh should be an embarrassment to the Lehigh community as a whole. He lacks all the qualities that Lehigh asks its students to possess: curiosity, open mindedness, willingness to learn from others, dignity and so much more. Lehigh’s past problems with diversity and racism are ones that I believe Lehigh has worked hard to move away from, and I think that removing Trump’s honorary degree is another step towards righting those wrongs, given his blatant racism and xenophobia.
Most importantly, as stated by another Lehigh student, Trump having an honorary degree from Lehigh devalues MY degree. Yes, it would be political for Lehigh to make this move, but I think it is a smart move, suggesting that the university is willing to move forwards as an institution with high morals. I am disappointed by the trustees’ decision to take no action, but I cannot say I am surprised
Laura Ponchick, Class of 2011

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    • Class of 1966 would make you approximately 73 years old (that is, if you were 22 at the time you graduated and didn’t serve in the Vietnam War, which might I remind you President Trump did not). At 70+ years old, it’s time to move over and make way for a new generation of Lehigh students. Respect your elders, you’ll say. I say you lost my respect when you degraded and discounted the author for her political views. This ain’t your Lehigh, and we’re proud of it.

  1. Bruce Haines ‘67 on

    Your degree was increased in value when Trump was officially elected President last November in a sweeping electoral college landslide. Lehigh has never had a graduate in or near the highest office in the land so Trump elevates Lehigh having received an honorary degree long before his decision to run for office.

    • Frank A. Artmont, '12, '17G on

      A sweeping electoral landslide? That’s completely incorrect. Others have won by much larger margins. Please do your research and don’t post such falsities.

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