B&W advice responds to questions for the week of April 17


Olivia Menkowitz and Emily Segal

Summer is almost here and I still don’t have an internship. I’m a rising senior, so I feel like it is super important to get one to help with getting a job after graduation. I’m extra stressed because most of my friends already have internships. How can I deal with this pressure without freaking out and shutting down?


Dear Paranoidjunior,

Stay calm, it is not too late! Plenty of juniors secure internships in the later months in the semester. Our advice to you is to keep browsing LinkedIn and Glassdoor for job opportunities; companies post new openings every day. Even if you don’t end up getting an internship for this summer, there are still ways to bulk up your resume for when you search for a job post-graduation. For instance, holding a leadership position or running a club shows responsibility and can be a great reflection of your motivation and work ethic.

Lastly, there are great resources here at Lehigh that can help you with this process. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, try turning to the Career Services Center. They can help you edit your resume and connect you to employers. Stay positive, you’ve got this!

-B&W Advice

I’m a freshman and have my schedule for next semester completely planned. I feel great about it, but my adviser warned me that the classes I am planning to take fill up very fast. I need these classes for my major and I don’t know what else I could take.


Dear Nervous,

This is a common issue, so don’t panic! Try running a degree audit and make sure you have fulfilled all of your distribution requirements. If not, taking classes in the areas that you have yet to complete is a good option. Most majors are pretty broad and offer a variety of class options each semester.

A lot of times professors are lenient about how full they allow their classes to become. Often, a professor will end up adding more students to his/her class, so even if you don’t get into your classes immediately, don’t worry. You can always join a class waitlist and shoot the teacher an email to show your interest. Most of the time you will be able to join. In the meantime, make sure you wake up on time for registration and have no holds on your account. Good luck!

-B&W Advice

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