Four Year 15: Alexandra’s Bistro


Food. The key to our hearts and, of course, our stomachs. 

Are you worried the freshman 15 will catch up to you? Are you hungry, but have the bank account of a college student? Eager to try out different restaurants in the area?

This column will explore eateries throughout the Lehigh Valley. We will discuss different food options ranging from guilty pleasures to healthy alternatives. We will also talk about the price and quality of meals at various restaurants and eateries, in addition to the overall atmospheres of these establishments . 

We invite food lovers and food explorers. Restaurant hunters and restaurant critics.

Here, we embrace the freshman, sophomore, junior or senior 15. Now is the time to try it all! 


Picture this. It’s Sunday morning and you can barely open your eyes. Whether that’s because of an all-nighter spent in Fairchild-Martindale Library or a late night at Molly’s, what makes a better study break or hangover cure  than a delicious, greasy ketchup-covered breakfast?  

Maybe you guessed it. Our destination: Alexandra’s Bistro! For our friends who don’t have cars on campus, don’t worry! Alexandra’s is just a quick walk from Farrington Square.

Located at 9 E. 4th St. in Bethlehem, Alexandra’s Bistro is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy a great meal surrounded by holiday decor. We mean it– from Halloween to Valentine’s Day, you can bet that the interior of Alexandra’s will be decked out in festive decorations. 

When we arrive, we are told to seat ourselves. We choose an open booth in the back of the diner, and within a minute we are greeted by a cheery waitress who brings us water glasses. 

As Alexandra’s regulars, neither of us needs to glance at the expansive menu before we place our orders. Liz, who has no dietary restrictions, asks for two eggs scrambled with white bread and a side of homefries. This brings her total price to just $3.99. However, Liz is feeling extra hungry today, so naturally, she adds a side of bacon for an additional $2.50. 

Emily orders next. She gets her usual Meditteranean omelet, complete with spinach, onion, feta cheese and dill. She also orders home fries, but because Emily has a gluten allergy, she opts out of the free side of bread. Emily’s meal total is $5.35. 

Emily and Liz aren’t the most patient, although the service at Alexandra’s does not tend to take long. The smells of syrup and toast taunt them while they wait. Emily and Liz find themselves unintentionally staring at the plates of other patrons, entranced by stacks of chocolate chip pancakes, toasted breakfast sandwiches and glistening sausage and pork roll. 

When their food arrives about twenty minutes later, Emily and Liz are starving. 

Liz’s scrambled eggs, although she buries them in what some would call an “aggressive” heap of hot sauce, are delicious. Although slightly more fried than fluffy, adding a touch of salt made for the perfect flavor. The home fries are crispy and brown, but slightly dry. However, Liz dips them in ketchup to create the perfect taste combination.

Emily is pleased, as always, with her omelet. Emily likes that Alexandra’s does not skimp out on the omelette “fillings”— she felt as though her omelette was the perfect egg to spinach to cheese to dill ratio. Emily prefers hot sauce on her eggs as well, and she too highly recommends dousing Alexandra’s potatoes and eggs in it. 

Emily and Liz rank their overall experience an 8/10 worth the calories. However, the food was 10/10 for the costliness. Alexandra’s is extremely affordable, but with such large portions, the diner does not leave customers hungry.  What’s more, the waitresses at Alexandra’s are always exceptionally nice and smile patiently as students line up to pay with GoldPlus. 

If you are looking for a casual brunch spot with lots of options and a positive atmosphere, Alexandra’s is the place for you. We know we’ll be back. Catch us there next Sunday!


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