Two floors of Drinker House flooded on Nov. 8. Students are currently awaiting relocation plans. (Courtesy of Drinker residents)

BREAKING: Two floors of Drinker House evacuated due to flooding


Drinker House, a dorm on campus, experienced flooding Monday night. 

Matthew Manganillo, ‘25, a resident of Drinker second floor B wing, was in his room doing work when he heard “a loud rumbling noise that shook the ground.” 

He walked out of his room and saw half of his floor flooding, as well as a urinal with water pouring out of it. 

Residents of the first and second floors were evacuated to Lamberton Hall where they were waiting for relocation plans as of 9:45 p.m., Manganillo said. As of 10:47 p.m., residents were cleared to reenter the building. 

Isabella Jacavone, ‘23, a Gryphon in a nearby dorm, said on the second floor of Drinker in one of the restrooms a pipe burst and water was coming out of the urinal, flooding the first and second floor. 

Jacavone said residents on the third and fourth floor of Drinker were allowed to return to their rooms because there was no damage. 

“I’ve been hearing a lot of ‘What are my professors going to say?’ ‘Should I email my professors?’, or where to sleep tonight, or if they can go grab their stuff,” she said. 

Jacavone said all of the Gryphons have been working cohesively and informing residents quickly. 

“All the Gryphons are handling this very well,” she said. 

Jack Davis, ‘25, was at The Cup when he started receiving videos of the flooding in Drinker. He came up to the building with some other residents to see what was happening. He lives on the third floor, which did not have any of the flooding damage.  

“I kind of followed the crowd,” Davis said. 

When he got to the building he went inside to see what it was like. 

“The whole first floor was just like a puddle,” Davis said. “Huge pool of water.” 

Drinker House experiences flooding on the first and second floors. The third and fourth floors were not affected. (Courtesy of Drinker House residents)

Sam Holtz, ‘25, said he saw a video in a GroupMe that the building was being flooded and ran over, since he saw it was his floor. 

“I thought it was a joke, and I saw the video so I sprinted back here,” Holtz said. 

He said he ran back at around 8:45 p.m.

Holtz said when he walked into the building it was almost as if it was raining because of the flooded water coming down. 

“I walk in and the whole entire lobby was just pouring,” he said. 

He went up to his floor to check on his room and said it was soaked. The urinal was clogged and spewing water. Holtz said the water in the bathroom had risen above his feet and his dorm room is right across from the bathroom so a whole section was flooded.

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