You wore, what: Breaking down the best and worst dressed at the Grammys


I love awards shows. Not necessarily for the awards themselves, or even the entertainment, but for the fashion. As a kid, the red carpet was always the most exciting part about the night. Admiring the meticulously designed outfits and dreaming of myself in them was more than enough to keep me engaged. 

Now that I’m older, I still love awards shows — but more for the “debrief” afterward of who looked amazing and who needs to fire their stylist. Nothing makes me more excited than the prospect of judging multimillionaires’ designer dresses in my sweatpants. 

So, the Grammys 2024 — let’s talk about it.

Starting with the last to arrive on the carpet, Taylor Swift in custom Schiaparelli Couture. Though the dress itself was gorgeous, with its white, lengthy train and high slit, her overall look took focus away from its beauty. The bold bang swoop combined with the layered jewelry was just too much. This just didn’t have enough of the “oomph” factor. 

Next we have Ice Spice. I loved this Baby Phat look for her. The two-piece jean dress with an added fur lining was unexpected, but she pulled it off perfectly. I appreciate the early 2000s look she was giving us while still making it her own, and her huge belt buckle added the right amount of spice to her outfit as well. 

There’s been controversy surrounding Doja Cat in the past, but I think one thing we can all agree on is this opaque-pink dress was not the move. 

The low, exposed cut of the dress raised a lot of questions, but honestly, it’s the Grammys. People are bold. Respect it — it’s cool! The thing that threw me off about her look isn’t even the scandalousness of it, it’s the dress’ flimsiness. Instead of the provocative look it seemed she was going for, it came off as a bit messy.

And maybe I’m too judgy, but the open-toed shoes should’ve called for a pedicure. 

Lana Del Rey’s dress seemed a bit informal at first, but it captures her so well, from the elongated silk bow in her hair to the bows on her shoes! The black mesh and velvet add an air of mystery and lavishness, fitting her aesthetic to a tee. It’s fun, stylish, and classy; she nailed it. 

Now, a gem — a man making it to best dressed! No shade (I’m sorry Grammy men,) but usually the dresses catch my eyes more than the suits. However, Jon Baptiste’s Versace kilt suit was absolutely an exception. It’s chic, beautiful and a perfect way to stand out amongst everyone else. My only complaint was the pants — I wish they were a slimmer cut and a bit shorter. Regardless, his outfit was one of the best of the night. 

Chloe Bailey’s Caurav Gupta Couture was bold, sexy and glamorous. The dress itself was stunning with its beaded, striped elements and the cutout added just the right amount of seductiveness. She looked elegant from head to toe — perfection!

I have to admit, I had mixed feelings about Miley Cyrus’s custom Maison Margiela look at first. To start, let’s call it a dress. It was intricate and made her stand out in a good way. She was giving us a gorgeous Greek goddess design, but unfortunately, her hair completely threw me off. I know this style is trending right now, but it still looks like a failed 80s hairdo to me. She still looked absolutely beautiful though, and it aligned with her brand of defying expectations.

Boygenius in Thom Browne! This look could not be more fitting for them. It’s perfectly awkward, yet charming, and they all look stunning. They all individually stood out in their ways but still had that sense of community and love with the white matching suits. 

If the Chrome Hearts outfit wasn’t worn by Billie Eilish, my thoughts would be different. But for her, this look was perfect. I loved how she incorporated the Barbie theme while still staying true to her own unique and laid-back style. Even though I adore that she brought back the red roots, they clashed with the pink of the Barbie jacket. But, being Billie, she still pulled it off and looked fantastic. 

Tyla stunned in a sea-green dress that honored her Grammy award-winning song, “Water.” It was smooth and alluring, with a  combination of fabrics that came together to create a gorgeous design. She managed to pull off classy, elegant and sexy all at once. She was one of the best, if not THE, best dressed at the Grammys. Her stylist definitely deserves a raise. 

This year’s outfits were eye-catching and beautiful — despite critiques, every celebrity embraced their style and flair. And to all the Grammy attendees, thank you for giving me and my sweatpants something to admire. 

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