Editorial: T-Swift Haters — all you are is “Mean”


In this past week, Taylor Swift won two Grammy awards, and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, just won a third Super Bowl championship.

Swift’s appearances have garnered attention in the NFL as she attended Kansas City football games, and unveiled some hypocrisy.

Swift’s place as part of the Chiefs Kingdom has created controversy, whereas Kelce’s presence didn’t seem to do the same when attending her Eras Tour concert in Buenos Aires. 

During the 2024 Super Bowl, Swift was shown for a total of 55 seconds, or 0.0035% of the more than four-hour game, yet her presence has tainted the experience for some fans

Many say the Super Bowl must have been scripted, and part of it has to be due to Swift’s influence, because why else would the Kansas City Chiefs win such a close game, even after the game went into overtime?

As a music titan, Swift does not need the media attention that attending games gives her, and she does not choose when the broadcasters cut to her cheering in the partitioned stands. If there is someone to blame for your tiredness of seeing her, blame the media executives deliberately choosing to feed into Swift mania — and us for choosing to speak on it.

The various entry points of Swift-related criticism has created a cultural dichotomy between: the “Swifties” and “anti-Swifties.” 

The misconception is that people are either entranced with Taylor Swift and know every minute detail of her life or are anti-feminists for disliking her. 

“Swifties” are expected by some to know anything and everything about her, such as knowing the titles of every track five in her entire discography, which she has said are her most vulnerable, personal songs.

But this isn’t realistic — someone can support Swift without knowing everything there is to know about her. 

Some people enjoy her music but are frankly tired of constantly seeing her name in the headlines. 

Announcers and cameras have used her presence to their advantage, drawing 27 million viewers during the Chiefs v. Jets game and two million more female viewers than in previous weeks. 

It’s valid that although viewership can have a positive impact, fans of the teams that face the Chiefs feel frustrated, as they feel the announcers are almost rooting for the Chiefs in support of the viewership Swift brings.

The Chiefs’ season successes and Swift’s reign of pop stardom in her career create an unstoppable combination.

Some critics, like Max Laughton for Fox Sports, argue that an unnecessary amount of hate is turning people to anti-women sentiments. 

Laughton writes that people are “struggling to deal with a feminine presence in an incredibly masculine environment.”

Right-wing politicians have jumped on this issue, saying that the Super Bowl was rigged so Swift and Kelce can have the platform to promote President Biden because of Swift’s slight Democratic support in the past.

In Sept. 2023, Swift posted an Instagram message, encouraging her audience to register to vote. As a result,  voter registration surged. This is one way for Swift to have a positive impact on political participation without stirring too much controversy. 

But, in truth, what good interest does Swift have (commercially or socially) to comment on politics? She is a blonde “All-American” woman, who began her career in country music, who’s equally capable of being a symbol for liberals and conservatives alike. 

If she commented on the election, this would give a definite interpretation. The interpretation would make some people turn against her, and possibly impact the young fans who may not want to support her after their parents turn against her.

On the other hand, Swift’s participation in NFL media is contributing to a new audience: young girls are beginning to watch football, just to see their favorite pop star. 

Fathers are excited about a new bonding activity to enjoy with their daughters, and to have Swift as a positive role model for their children is just another plus. 

If you are having doubts about your own opinion of Swift, watch her Woman of the Decade Billboard Award speech and tune to minute 2:47. Despite being delivered in 2019, the response to criticism currently applies to her life and the media.

Although this is just another article written about Swift, who does not need another headline in this media frenzy, we hope to help spread more neutrality towards her on her media presence.

It is warranted to critique Swift on her own doings, but not to voice unnecessary hatred about what she has no control over, like how much screen time the NFL gives her. Just remember, some people will be overly excited about her, while others will not have anything positive to say about her, but a middle ground exists where you can express neutrality.

Regardless of the media attention her relationship has summoned, Swift remains one of the biggest names in pop music and that seems it will not be changing anytime soon. 

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