Loud from the margins: Brave Dominican woman


There are times that I ponder upon the problems in my life. I sit there for quite a while wondering how in the world am I going to combat this? Examples: applying to college and deciding what I wanted to do with my life or having my car break down in the middle of nowhere and trying to think clearly on what to do next. 

For both these things, I can say that crying was done before taking the next step. But it is through times like this, amidst all the other challenges I have faced, that I have to find bravery in the innermost part of myself. Encoded in my DNA is the trajectory of resilient Dominican women who never gave up in the face of difficulties.  

I am built differently. I am a resilient Dominican woman myself. 

The women before me had to break themselves in different parts to look over their children, the house, the male figures in their lives, and with the little energy that was left, they looked for themselves 

The women before me endured mistreatment, abuse and humiliation from authoritative figures. They had so much stripped away from them, and yet, they kept traditions going for their future generations, and made sure they had something to call theirs.

One of these women was my grandmother, who had to endure many challenges in her life. For example, the power went out when she was giving birth to my aunt. Even though it was a life or death situation, she did not give up and made sure she gave birth to a healthy human being. She also had to endure the pain of having her three children move out of the country looking for a better life. She was heart-broken, but the hope and faith of seeing them again kept her on her feet. 

My mom has also continued to be resilient, something she learned from my grandmother. She had to work hard, sometimes even two jobs, to provide for her family and somehow always has energy to continue. Not only does she fix broken things around the house, she provides so much support to my sister and I when we need it. She is a real-life superhero.

How dare I say I cannot overcome challenges! It is inevitable to deny that there is strength to take on anything. I guess I have to remember that I have been working since I was 16 years old to become more independent. I don’t like to rely on anyone, and I think that is something I have learned from my mom. 

I found bravery in me to move out of my comfort zone in Philly and attend a private school. I find courage every day to balance academics with my personal life.  

I bring that courageous energy to excel in my future career. I think the newsroom and media world can benefit from it. 

One day I hope to have my own TV show to show the brave Black, Brown, Latinx, Caribbean, Indigenous, women world-wide. Just like I have this resilience and countless stories running through my blood, I know they have it, too, with their own unique experiences. They must be heard.

I currently am crafting my own story to tell future generations. 

I am a brave Dominican woman. I feel and see it wherever I go.

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