GALLERY: Lehigh students poke fun at Lafayette with banners


During Lehigh-Lafayette week, some students show their school spirit by wearing brown and white, some participate in campus events — others choose to display their love of Lehigh, and contempt for rival school Lafayette, with banners.

This show of Mountain Hawk pride is a rivalry week tradition that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Off-campus and Greek houses brainstorm clever lines about Lafayette and spray paint them on large sheets to be hung outside their doors.

See the second gallery of the week here. Here are some of the signs that can be seen around Lehigh’s campus this week. The Brown and White welcomes submissions of your own Lafayette signs through our Twitter or by emailing [email protected].

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A sign reading "Lafayette thinks it's the 1,000,000th visitor" hangs on a house on Montclair Avenue on Nov. 15, 2016. The tradition of hanging banners on off-campus houses has been present at Lehigh for many years. (Samantha Tomaszewski/B&W Staff)

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  1. Lilly Snowflake on

    These banners are offensive to me! I am a student at Lafayette, and did not come to a sister school’s site to be mocked and ridiculed! You are saying we are dumb, weak, effeminate-by-proxy, liberal, and homosexual. There are also phrases such about being kicked off a hill which I find VERY racist. I am in shock the administration at Lehigh would allow such vitriol and hate to be plastered as advertisement for what you have now presented as a stereotypical Lafayette student. I am sure the ACLU will like to see this link, as would Lehigh’s Karen Salvemini. I had to take a valium and immediately be taken to the emergency room! Your “school spirit” has irreparably damaged me. I have asked my professors to allow me AT LEAST a week off. While I haven’t the desire nor want to sue, the bill for my ills — as well as for the therapy dog I am seeking to help get me through the rest of the school year — should be paid by those who made and hanged these banners. Please remove all these banners, I BEG OF YOU!

  2. Dearest Lily,

    Think Sun Bowl and shine Lily! Be Laf Proud.

    Fear not, for these children are just having fun and know not what they do. Forgive and do not take this so deeply personal. The writer boasts that “Mountain Hawk Pride” translates into displaying “contempt for rival school Lafayette.” Pride and contempt are polar opposites of a moral compass. While meant to “poke fun” it is rather mean-spirited and void of compassion. A person, such as yourself, is deeply hurt and shaken. But this is the Lehigh way, because Lehigh has lost her way. We are working on fixing that, so I hope I speak for all Alumni when I say, Lilly, we are truly sorry and ask for your forgiveness. What we truly hate is no one, we are just immature, insecure and quite lost. Trying to be in the in-group is exhausting, and really, we are just tired and continue to do insensitive things. Why just some 6 months ago someone hung similar banners with disparing messages to transgender women. The question is why. What would drive others to commit such hurtful, and hateful acts. Let me tell you a story of real pride, and true character about your beloved Laf–

    Google the “Sun Belt Contraversey” of 1949 at Lafayette. It refers to student protests after the Leopards received a Sun Bowl invitation that was conditional that the African American player, David Showell, would not play. Lafayette voted to turn down the bid because the Sun Bowl wouldn’t allow Showell to play. A major force against segregation was undertaken at Lafayette. Lafayette courage and demonstration of solidarity made football history and racial exclusion was challenged, leading the Sun Bowl just one year later to allow black players in the football game as the Sun Bowl hosted its first integrated game.

    This is something to be proud of, as Lafayette went high when others went low. Go high Lily and forgive. Lehigh, take down those banners and find another way to show your strength, unity, and exceptional integrity. It’s there somewhere, let it shine thorough good sportsmanship and love of your most esteemed rival and friend.

    Go Mountainhawks, Go Leopards.

  3. Not sure what’s a better comment on the times – Lilly’s satire, or the fact that it seemed to Sally to be a real post that required a formal apology.

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