Hawk Talk: first-year perception of Le-Laf


In advance of Rivalry 152, first-year students talk about the game. The game will take place at Lafayette for the first time since 2012 .

Arturo Alejandro, '20

Arturo Alejandro, ’20

“I’m looking forward to Bed Races. I should have a really fun time watching everyone. I have mixed feelings about it being an away game, but that’s OK because it should be a home game my senior year — I hope.” – Arturo Alejandro, ’20





Rajan Jones, '20

Rajan Jones, ’20

“I’m looking forward to all the events that will take place this week. I’m interested in watching the Bed Races and might do the Turkey Trot. I’ll be cheering from home, and I have faith our football team will win.” – Rajan Jones, ’20






Alexis Tellez, '20

Alexis Tellez, ’20

“I am in the Marching 97, so I will definitely be attending the game this Saturday. Even if I wasn’t in the activity, I would still go. I am so looking forward to it. My upperclassmen friends have been talking about Le-Laf since forever. I now understand their excitement. I cannot wait for our football team to destroy Lafayette.” – Alexis Tellez, ’20





Julius Wibisono, '20

Julius Wibisono, ’20


“I’ll be missing the game since I’m going home this weekend. I’m going to the Bed Races, but I don’t really care for the game.” – Julius Wibisono, ’20






Julia Pietruszka, '20

Julia Pietruszka, ’20

“I would’ve been more compelled to attend the game if it had been at home. I regret not getting a ticket as I had tier 1 standing. I’ll definitely go next year, everyone’s so pumped for the game. The banners are great! I’m in crew and we made a banner saying ‘Lafayette skips leg day.’ We also beat them at every single event for crew. I really want to see the bed races, I’m excited.” – Julia Pietruszka, ’20

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